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Wheel-Controller screenshot


Rotating Wheel Custom Controller (with a hole)

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NavigationKit screenshot


change navigation bar color and background image and title color for every single screen

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Stripes screenshot


Beautiful background pattern views for SwiftUI.

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macos-wallpaper screenshot


Manage the desktop wallpaper on macOS.

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RoundCode screenshot


Custom rounded QR code encoder and decoder

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TOInsetGroupedTableView screenshot


An iOS 12 back-port of the grouped inset table view style in iOS 13.

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SwiftPlaygroundsCLI screenshot


Easily generate Swift Playgrounds from your command line 👨‍💻

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TORoundedButton screenshot


A performant, efficient, custom implementation of a button with rounded corners.

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roundrect screenshot


Conveniences for programmatically generating image assets and styling UIButton

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GRView screenshot


UIView and other UIKit elements with a gradient and other customizable attributes for IOS

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RBRoundedCorners screenshot


This Objective-C Category allows to round top corners, bottom corners or all corners of a view. It also provides functionality to round corners and add border from Interface Builder. It is very han...

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SimpleParallax screenshot


Beautiful & simple parallax effects for your UI. 🌁 Perfect for Onboarding & Login/Signup screens - Recreate the well-known iOS wallpaper animation by dividing your ViewController in background, mid...

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RMGradientView screenshot


Easily create gradient views with inspectable properties for colors and gradient direction

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FreakingSimpleRoundImageView screenshot


Freaking Simple Round Image View! Swift, Interface Builder. Nothing less, nothing more.

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FlexibleGauge screenshot


With this animated gauge you will be able to create flexible gauges with or without images in or out of the gauge circle. Add this to Podfile --> pod 'FlexibleGauge' and refresh the pod installation

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BackgroundCoreDataSwift4 screenshot


This Project looks like nothing in the UI but it covers an important and complex topic in CoreData , i.e, writing data to Database in background thread so that UI does not get blocked. It uses Swif...

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OnlyPictures screenshot


A source of circular pictures, currently supports horizontal overlapping or separate pictures with great layout flexibility.

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RKPieChart screenshot


RKPieChart is super easy pie chart view written in Swift 3.

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SimpleButton screenshot


Simple UIButton subclass with additional state change animations (e.g. backgroundColor) and missing features

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LaunchScreenSnapshot screenshot


Protects sensitive data in your app snapshot.

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PRGRoundSlider screenshot


A fully customizable circular slider

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GravityTagCloudView screenshot


A tag cloud view with gravity.

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HyRoundMenuView screenshot


Round menu

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Round Corner Progress screenshot

Round Corner Progress

An drop-in and easy to customize sizes, colors and round at any corner. PR are welcomed

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JDProgressRoundView screenshot


JDProgressRoundView is Stylish Process Meter Based on UIProgressView. It growns 5% every tap, or you can just set the progress u want.

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