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TOInsetGroupedTableView screenshot


An iOS 12 back-port of the grouped inset table view style in iOS 13.

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TORoundedButton screenshot


A performant, efficient, custom implementation of a button with rounded corners.

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GRView screenshot


UIView and other UIKit elements with a gradient and other customizable attributes for IOS

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RBRoundedCorners screenshot


This Objective-C Category allows to round top corners, bottom corners or all corners of a view. It also provides functionality to round corners and add border from Interface Builder. It is very han...

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RMGradientView screenshot


Easily create gradient views with inspectable properties for colors and gradient direction

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FreakingSimpleRoundImageView screenshot


Freaking Simple Round Image View! Swift, Interface Builder. Nothing less, nothing more.

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Switch screenshot


An iOS switch control implemented in Swift with full Interface Builder support.

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ShadowView screenshot


UIView subclass with rounded corners and drop shadow.

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ISHHoverBar screenshot


A floating UIToolBar replacement as seen in the iOS10 Maps app, supporting both vertical and horizontal orientation.

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RCPickerButton screenshot


Simple button for marking some items as selected.

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Record Button screenshot

Record Button

A Record Button in Swift. Inspired by SDRecordButton It shows you the recording process when recording. It's great for a video recorder app with a fixed/maximum length like snapchat, vine, instragr...

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ANLongTapButton screenshot


Long tap button with animated progress bar

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DGRunkeeperSwitch screenshot


Runkeeper design switch control (two part segment control)

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MGCircleButton screenshot


Subclass of UIButton, button with circle background image of custom color

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CCMBorderView screenshot


CCMBorderView is an easy to use view to create border right from storyboard without any code

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KBRoundedButton screenshot


KBRoundedButton allows you to create beautiful rounded rect button with dynamic colors and activity indicator, completely in Interface Builder. Available via CocoaPods: pod 'KBRoundedButton'

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btSimpleRippleButton screenshot


This is a custom button for iOS with a ripple effect. It is simple to integrate and is customizable. Supports a callback using blocks.

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APRoundedButton screenshot


A simple XIB extension to make rounded custom buttons, without writing one line of code!

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MRoundedButton screenshot


UIControl subclass like iOS 7 Phone app button

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NZCircularImageView screenshot


Performs async download image and leaves with rounded edge, used for presenting pictures of user profiles.

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TKRoundedView screenshot


Simple and advanced rounded corners without images, perfect for implementing grouped table view cells

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IMViewWithBorderedImage screenshot


IMViewWithBorderedImage is a subclass of UIView which can present an image and border around it. (dog photo (c)2012 Aaron Brethorst and provided exclusively to Cocoa Controls.)

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Flat Pill Button screenshot

Flat Pill Button

A custom UIButton subclass that has the Letterpress look and feel.

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YLProgressBar screenshot


Custom progress bar for iOS (iPhone, iPad) with an animated background. It is build using the Core Graphics framework.

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