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curvyRoute screenshot


Display curvy routes on iOS, MapKit

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Zenith screenshot


Zenith is a framework for simple and smart seperation of the view controller and view management, leaving your controller to manage interactions and other "controller" like things. As well as a Router to simplify navigation through your app.

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FFRouter screenshot


Powerful and easy-to-use URL routing library in iOS that supports URL Rewrite(强大、易用、支持 URL Rewrite的 iOS 路由库)

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FGRoute screenshot


FGRoute helps developers to get rid of dealing with WiFi interfaces.

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CarPlay screenshot


Car animation on map, Vehicle play on map like Uber and Ola

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ASMapLauncher screenshot


ASMapLauncher is a library for iOS written in Swift that helps navigation with various mapping applications.

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Follower screenshot


Track trip distance, speed, altitude, and duration like a boss.

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HACLocationManager screenshot


This class allows you to conveniently manage the tedious process backwards compatibility in location between iOS7 and iOS 8

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MapManager (Swift) screenshot

MapManager (Swift)

Map manager is a MapKit wrapper to provide route direction drawing written entirely in Swift 1) Closure support 2) Get directions using Apple service 3) Get directions using Google service SAMPLE CODE: var origin = "Toronto" var destination = "Montreal" mapManager.directionsUsingGoogle(from: origin, to: destination) { (route, directionInformation, boundingRegion, error) -> () in if(error != nil){ println(error!) }else{ if let map = self.mapView?{ dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue()) { map.addOverlay(route!) map.setVisibleMapRect(boundingRegion!, animated: true) } } } }

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SwiftState screenshot


Elegant state machine for Swift. [Features] Transition: .State0 => .State1 Try transition: machine <- .State1 Try transition + messaging: machine <- (.State1, "GoGoGo") Chaining: .State0 => .State1 => .State2 Event: machine <- "WakeUp"

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RBRouteBuilder screenshot


Build routes without strings and headache. Example based on a GitHub API routes NSURL *orgsURL = router().users.add(@"AlexDenisov").orgs.URL; // NSURL: /users/AlexDenisov/orgs NSString *fullOrgPath = router().root.orgs.add(@"Railsware").path; // NSString:

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NSObject+MethodCallDependingType screenshot


Objective-C Category for routing methods depending a specified type

View Control Data Model and Loader screenshot Data Model and Loader

Model and API Loader realization for website. Using its methods you can load GPS coordinates of minibuses on the route. Project includes demo application and testing code.

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NiftySearchView screenshot


A simple "route" Google Maps style search view which can be used mainly for "routing" Apps.

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