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SwizzleSwift screenshot


Swizzle selectors with just one clean and elegant API

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2DUICollectionViewSwift screenshot


A simple and elegant 2Dimensional UICollectionView which is most commonly used in ecommerce apps, music streaming apps etc. Easily customisable as per your requirements as it is designed keeping the superset requirement in mind. Developed in latest Swift syntax.

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DHTweak screenshot


An implementation of Facebook Tweaks in Swift. With DHTweak you can tweak - Floats (z.B. font size, position, size, animation durations, dynamic behavior values) - Doubles - Ints (z.B. loop counts) - Strings (z.B. test layout for long strings, upper/lower case) - UIColors! Yes, tweak colors using 6 digit hex values while the app is running.

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Curious screenshot


iOS inspector for curious people. Inspect the hierarchy of apps and objects' available methods! Useful for debugging, and knowing how something works.

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SHModelObject screenshot


Base modal object which uses objective-c runtime to populate the instance variables (ivars and properties) of User created Modal from NSDictionary objects.

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NZBundle screenshot


Changes the information present in the Info.plist project file at runtime, as version name.

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VMDInstrumenter screenshot


A simple Objective-C singleton to instrument, trace, and suppress selectors at runtime. Sometimes you need to debug a 3rd party library but you don't have access to the source code, and sometimes you want to experiment with Apple frameworks.

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