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DateScrollPicker screenshot


Fully customizable date scroll view with picker feature for iOS written in Swift 5

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BSZoomGridScrollView screenshot


Boooooring grid-scrollview that is only good at zooming series of views continuously, tracking your touch.

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LMJHorizontalScrollText screenshot


A simple and easy to use string scroll control.

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LMJVerticalScrollText screenshot


A simple and easy to use string scroll control.

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KVideoPlayer screenshot


Play Multiple local/URL videos using AVPlayer like facebook, instagram. On scrolling horizontally, previous video will pause and the current will start playing smoothly.

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FooterLinker screenshot


Useful sticky table footer view.

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CustomScrollView screenshot


Make Indicator always visible for UIScrollView in iOS

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SPPhotoViewer screenshot


A customisable smart photoviewer of your photos!!!

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MIDIPianoRollView screenshot


Customisable UIScrollView subclass for rendering/editing MIDI notes on a piano roll view.

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ContainerView screenshot


ContainerView is designed to add a cool swim from the bottom to the animation with the effect of scale, controlled by the help of a gesture, scrollView also takes control. The idea is taken from the application:

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MXScroll screenshot


MXScroll is a framework that lets you create mix scroll view easier. you can just provide the datasource and do not need to consider the page composition. The datasource can be provided by storyboard or programmatically.

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GSSlidingSelector screenshot


GSSlidingSelector is a controller for selecting a small fixed amount of elements with swipe gestures.

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MMParallaxView screenshot


ParallaxView with scroll effect

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DialScrollLayout screenshot


DialScrollLayout is collection view with scrolling cells with centering at corner of scrollview like old phone dial

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OffsetCoordinator screenshot


🍏 Handle the header view position when having multiple scroll views.

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SnackView screenshot


An easy way to present customizable bottom-half alert. SnackView provides some UI elements ready to use.

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ScrollViewController screenshot


Wraps your custom view and presents it on the screen in the way it fills visible area

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ILSParallaxHeader screenshot


Custom UIView subclass header for UITableView with parallax effect on images.

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AMPagerTabs screenshot


Pager tabs for iOS

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Faded ScrollView screenshot

Faded ScrollView

Easy way to fade UIScrollView

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MIIScrollableViews screenshot


MIIScrollableViews makes it easier to handle UIViews in horizontal UIScrollView. Also supports various types of gestures (Tap, Double Tap, Pan, Pinch and Long Press).

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