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SectionScrubber screenshot


A component to quickly scroll between collection view sections, as seen on Snapchat

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TimeScrubber screenshot


Time scrubber for date selection. Can be used to select date for remote video playing. iOS 7-8, Objective-C, Xcode 6.4. ( Feature...

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SYWaveformPlayer screenshot


Simple waveform audio player using SCWaveformView and AVAudioPlayer Main features: Shows play progress Easily customizable (color, size, etc.) Scrub audio

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JGDetailScrubber screenshot


UISlider subclass with variable scrubbing speeds. Inspired by iOS Music app.

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JSVideoScrubber screenshot


A simple video scrubber that can be used drive navigation in video playback on iOS 7.

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SCPageScrubberBar screenshot


SCPageScrubberBar is a page scrubber bar like ibooks. SCPageScrubberBar works with iOS5.0+ and ARC.

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WCBeforeAfter screenshot


An image control that lets you compare 'before' and 'after' images side by side.

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CPSlider screenshot


CPSlider is a drop-in, subclass replacement for UISlider that allows varying scrubbing speeds as the user drags away from the slider thumb, emulating the slider used in the iOS iPod music player. I...

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PTImageAlbumViewController screenshot


An image scrubber-managing view controller, just like in by Apple on the iPad.

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ELCSlider screenshot


A subclass of UISlider to use with iPad that includes a UIPopover Scrubber showing the value as it changes.

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OBSlider screenshot


A drop-in replacement for UISlider that adds variable-speed scrubbing.

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