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BRDropDownView screenshot


Boring DropDown && Up animated Custom UIView supporting various style of subview.

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SectionScrubber screenshot


A component to quickly scroll between collection view sections, as seen on Snapchat

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INSStackViewForms screenshot


INSStackViewForms - iOS library for creating dynamic UIStackView forms. Fully compatible with Swift & Obj-C.

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MIResizableTableView screenshot


MIResizableTableView is a UITableView subclass that allows you to expand and contract its section.

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TFStackingSectionsTableView screenshot


In a regular table view, only the current section header is pinned to the top. TFStackingSectionsTableView keeps all the section headers on screen, stacked at the top and bottom of the table. You can then tap a section header to bring that section into view.

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Core Data + Sections screenshot

Core Data + Sections

Easy starting point for Core Data with automatic sections, based on the day of entry. Something like Facebook's timeline, something lots of people keep asking about on Stack Overflow. This is an extended version of Apple's Master-Detail Application template with Core Data.

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CHSectionSelectionView screenshot


Easy to use and highly customizable View that displays selector controls for (e.g.) UITableView Sections. This project is inspired by the iPads Address Book application.

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