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MultiSelectSegmentedControl screenshot


Multiple-Selection UISegmentedControl

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CheckmarkCollectionViewCell screenshot


UICollectionViewCell with checkbox when it isSelected and empty circle when not - like "Select" mode.

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HASuggestionField screenshot


HASuggestionField is a iOS suggestion list written in Swift. It suggests list of items provided against any symbol. It allows user to select any of the suggested item from dropdown. Then it applies provided attributes on selected item. Items are also defined by structs. These structs will define each item's properties.

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SHSelectionIndicator screenshot


Selection Indicator is used to indicate the selected button using an image.

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DragAndDrop-iOS11 screenshot


Demonstrates how to enable and implement drag and drop for a table view and image view.

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RSSelectionMenu screenshot


An elegant selection list or dropdown menu for iOS with single or multiple selections.

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CountriesViewController screenshot


A view controller that allow user to select a countries, it supports in single or multiple mode

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SwiftMultiSelect screenshot


A tableview with graphical multi selection (contacts from PhoneBook or items from custom lists)

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CreolePriceSelectionView screenshot


You will get a list of items into scroll view and it shows selected item in the center.

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CreolePhotoSelection screenshot


It will help to select one or multiple photos from Gallery as well as Camera.

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availability screenshot


A generic approach for UICollectionView with UIPanGestureRecognizer for multiple selection

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BSIslamicCalendar screenshot


It can show Georgian and Islamic dates in calendar. You can select multiple dates in calendar.

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BSHourPicker screenshot


You can replace your keyboard with a picker which shows custom hours.

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AnimatedButton screenshot


UIButton subclass which performs animation on selection

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BSDropDown screenshot


It's to show dropdown menu list.

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KRSPhotoGallery screenshot


Custom gallery for multiple selection of images using collectionView

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SLPhotoSelection screenshot


This project easily implements the selection of a photo using the camera or saved in the cell phone.

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Button Selection Animation screenshot

Button Selection Animation

UIButton subclass which performs animation on selection. Check it out! Btw, for the best understanding of animation, please check the GIF on github (link is down below). The usage is very simple, find out here:

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OpalImagePicker screenshot


Multiple Selection Image Picker for iOS written in Swift

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LTHRadioButton screenshot


A radio button slightly inspired by Google's material radio button.

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EHHorizontalSelectionView screenshot


Horisontal list tableview style

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