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SPLarkController screenshot


Cool settings controller for your app

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Default screenshot


Modern interface to UserDefaults + Codable support

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JGSettingsManager screenshot


An easy-to-use settings manager to define, access, and store NSUserDefaults the Swift way.

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JGUserDefault screenshot


An elegant single generic struct to access & save NSUserDefaults the Swift way.

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ApolloDB screenshot


A secure and easy to implement database for your apps.

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Bohr screenshot


A settings screen composing framework

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Organic screenshot


The intuitive UITableViewController. A UITableViewController subclass designed with efficiency and maintenance in mind, and tries its best to handle just about everything for you. No more if-statements and switches in every table view dataSource and delegate method. No more splitting up all the logic for each row and section into a dozen different methods, making addition, removal, or minor alterations to format and layout a headache. We feel your pain, we know the struggle. Moving one section of cells below another, moving cells between sections, adding new cells to existing sections, etc., with a decently-complex table view can be a nightmare, but with Organic it's as simple as changing the order of objects in an array. Organic allows you to define the sections and which cells they contain all-at-once, and takes care of the rest of the housekeeping for you.

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AcknowledgementsBundle screenshot


Easily add a Settings.bundle with CocoaPods' acknowledgements to your iOS App.

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UIUserNotificationSettings-Extension screenshot


Helper methods that will make you much easier to handle #Interactive #Notifications.

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SunSetUtility screenshot


A Simple utility that can be added to your iOS project that allows you to notify users that you are shutting down this app. You can refer users to a different app if you like. You can also stage the rollout with a cancel button that allows users to keep using the app. Then you can set a switch to only allow download of the new app at a later time.

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STNotificationHelper screenshot


ViewController to show the User how to turn on the Notifications on iOS7 and iOS8 and localized to many languages.

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JSQSystemSoundPlayer screenshot


A fancy Obj-C wrapper for iOS System Sound Services.

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BZPasscodeViewController screenshot


Passcode view controller for iOS.

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InAppSettings screenshot


InAppSettings provides a view controller that displays the application's Settings.bundle as it appears in the iPhone settings. Allowing the same preferences in app and in the iPhone settings.

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PAPasscode screenshot


PAPasscode is a standalone view controller for iOS to allow a user to set, enter or change a passcode. It's designed to mimic the behaviour in while still allowing some customization. It includes a sample project which shows how it appears on iPhone and iPad devices.

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DAModularTableView screenshot


UITableView subclass that absracts away the ugliness involved with creating static or modular UITableViews. Settings and menu pages are a snap to create with DAModularTableView.

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OGActionChooser screenshot


OGActionChooser is an iOS control that can be used as a replacement for UIActionSheet or UIAlertView. It displays an arbitrarily long list of button items, each having a title and image. The user can select an item or close the action chooser. The items can be disabled optionally.

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KKPasscodeLock screenshot


KKPasscodeLock is an iOS toolkit for adding a passcode view controller and passcode settings in ios apps.

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BAMSettings screenshot


BAMSettings is a generic handler for presenting and changing settings from within your iPhone app. By adding two files to your app and pushing BAMSettings onto your navigation controller, you will have the full functionality of Apple’s Settings App from within your own app.

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InAppSettingsKit screenshot


This iPhone framework allows settings to be in-app in addition to being in the Settings app.

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