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Stories screenshot


It is similar like Instagram Stories, to show video or photo directly of the users account. This is the Objective C implementation of

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FSnapChatLoading screenshot


A loading tool similar to that in Snapchat

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RZEdgeSlideViewController screenshot


A SnapChat(2017) swipe style view controller

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SectionScrubber screenshot


A component to quickly scroll between collection view sections, as seen on Snapchat

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AZDialogViewController screenshot


A highly customizable alert dialog controller that mimics Snapchat's alert dialog.

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SnapchatCheckbox screenshot


A Snapchat-inspired checkbox.

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Custom-Transition screenshot


This project tries to replicate the transition that you can find in Snapchat when you pull down to access Profile screen.

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SnapTimer screenshot


Implementation of Snapchat's stories timer.

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EZSwipeController screenshot


UIPageViewController like Snapchat/Tinder/iOS Main Pages

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YZSwipeBetweenViewController screenshot


A view controller that has a scroll view which contains multiple view controllers's views; user can swipe left/right to switch to different views.

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SimpleCamera screenshot


A simple, customizable camera control for iOS.

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DIImageView screenshot


A Snapchat-like caption integrated within a regular UIImageView.

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SCRecorder screenshot


Complete iOS camera engine with Vine like pause/resume, filters, player with smooth loop, exporter with precise parameters In short, here is a short list of the cool things you can do: - Record multiple video segments - Remove any record segment that you don't want - Display the result into a convenient video player - Save the record session for later somewhere using a serializable NSDictionary (works in NSUserDefaults) - Add a video filter using Core Image - Merge and export the video using fine tunings that you choose Framework needed: - CoreVideo - AudioToolbox - GLKit Pods: pod 'SCRecorder'

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JSQMessagesViewController screenshot


An elegant messages UI library for iOS.

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