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SplittableViewKit screenshot


A cell of IndexPath(row: 0, section: 0) in UITableView is automatically moved to left view when device rotated.

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SplitViewDragAndDrop screenshot


Easily add drag and drop to pass data between your apps in split view mode

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SizeClasser screenshot


Device specific UITraitCollection helper with split view detection for iOS.

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ISHPullUp screenshot


Vertical split view controller with pull up gesture as seen in the iOS 10 Maps app

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Swift A/B Testing screenshot

Swift A/B Testing

Basic A/B & "A/B/C" testing with optional weighted distribution for A/B testing.

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Splitflap screenshot


A simple split-flap display for your Swift applications

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JRSplitVC screenshot


UISplitViewController with adaptative layouts

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IntervalSlider screenshot


IntervalSlider is a slider library like ReutersTV app. written in pure swift.

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PCSplitView screenshot


Super powerful layout for iOS, simplified.

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NGSplitMenuController screenshot


Menu Driven Split view controller

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GDSMSSplitter screenshot


The repository contains two Objective-C classes designed to split a string into a sequence of short messages close to the international standard of SMS messaging. The GDSMSSplitter class is respons...

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MLKSplitView screenshot


Master Detail View with multiple View Controllers. This control can display a set of view controllers. Each view controller's title will be displayed in master view at left side. If we select parti...

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DAZABTest screenshot


A delightful client-side split testing framework

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NFSplitViewController screenshot


A simple split view controller for Mac OS X that works

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BHTabViewSplitVC screenshot


A iOS8 universal template for embedding a UISplitViewController in a UITabViewController

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SplittingTriangle screenshot


iOS port of Splitting triangle, a simple loading-style animation.

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MTZSplitViewController screenshot


Fixing API of `UISplitViewController`.

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SMTabbedSplitViewController screenshot


Tabbed Split View Controller for iPad is a custom split view controller, with vertical left tabbar control for navigation between master view controllers. Tabbar contains tabs for navigation betwee...

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LPThreeSplitViewController is a custom UISplitViewController with three views (MenuView, ListView, DetailView). MenuView and DetailView are always visible, and ListView's visibility can be toggl...

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SGBDrillDownController screenshot


A parent view controller for the iPad which manages a stack of controllers similarly to UINavigationController while keeping the top two controllers visible similarly to UISplitViewController.

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CNSplitView screenshot


CNSplitView is an feature enhanced derivative of NSSplitView. It has support for sticky top or bottom toolbars for each of its subviews.

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DMSplitView screenshot


DMSplitView is a revisited version of the standard OSX's NSSplitView control. The e problem with NSSplitView is that some things which should be simple require implementing unintuitive delegate met...

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ABTest screenshot


iOS Library for performing remotely controlled and monitored A/B Split Tests in your iOS App. Provides UIButton controls for split-testing button text and button background image. Also provid...

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APSplitViewController screenshot


Custom UISplitViewController for iPad. Features: it always keeps both sides visible; it's always launched in the Portrait but it's rotated to any direction properly; each side contains UINavigation...

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MGSplitViewController screenshot


A flexible, advanced split-view controller for iPad developers.

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