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JonAlert screenshot


October 31, 2018 • MIT License
A simple and elegant feedback alert like Spotify's, written in Swift
RHPreviewCell screenshot


October 29, 2016 • MIT License
💥Use long press on cell to trigger action💥 I envied so much Spotify iOS app this great playlist preview cell 😍, I decided to create my own ones 🌶. Now you can give your users ability to quick check...
SpotifyImporter screenshot


July 17, 2015 • MIT License
Spotify library importer into Apple Music
MGSpotyViewController screenshot


July 09, 2014 • MIT License
Beautiful viewController with a tableView and amazing effects like a viewController in the Spotify app.
SpotifyProgressHUD screenshot


September 25, 2013 • MIT License
SpotifyProgressHUD - A clone of iOS Spotify Progress HUD