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FlappyBird screenshot


Demonstrate using SpriteKit, external displays, and remote event control.

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glide engine screenshot

glide engine

Game engine for making 2d games on iOS, macOS and tvOS, with practical examples

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SKJoystick screenshot


SKJoystick: a retro-arcade joystick for SpriteKit

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HitAndScore screenshot


Sprite Kit is an exciting new framework for making 2D games that comes built-in to iOS. This project serves as an introduction to Sprite Kit where we build a small clone of Super Mario. Looking at the screenshots would give a better idea of what this project is about. All written in Swift4.

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SKAdvancedLabelNode screenshot


An advanced version of the official SpriteKit SKLabelNode with handling and animation of each single char

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SpriteKitWithUIKitSample screenshot


This project contains sample codes of mixing UIKit and SpriteKit.

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AJParticlesLoadingView screenshot


A completely customizable loading particles animation on a view using SpriteKit

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AppleMusicAnimation screenshot


AppleMusicAnimation (Similar like apple music genre section screen) is a component which you can use to create a pool of subviews which can animated and will use physicis to animate on siwpe

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Magnetic screenshot


SpriteKit Floating Bubble Picker (inspired by Apple Music)

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SKTiled screenshot


Swift framework for working with Tiled assets in SpriteKit. Fully Swift 3 and iOS10 compliant.

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ShootingStars screenshot


Some fun Shooting Star animations built with both SpriteKit and CAEmitterLayer. See the Git repo for a gif.

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GBPageControl screenshot


A page control for SpriteKit based games written in Swift

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1w-flappy screenshot


Flappy Clone

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SIFloatingCollection screenshot


SIFloatingCollection is a component that provides logic similar to Apple Music genres selection.

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SKTiledMap screenshot


A TMX TileMap framework for SpriteKit. Supporting iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 and above.

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BDGradientNode screenshot


BDGradientNode is a subclass of SKSpriteNode for adding gradients to textures. This is normally a surprisingly convoluted process! (More on that in the Background section below.) With BDGradientNode you can easily add linear, radial, and sweep gradients--blended or not--to any texture.

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TWControls screenshot


TWControls is a project that attempts to provide an easy-to-use API to perform actions based on user interaction (SpriteKit). It provides controls like Buttons and Switches. Is written in pure Swift and uses closures to perform actions triggered by the controls.

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BreakOutToRefresh screenshot


Play BreakOut while loading

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fancy-schmancy-joystick screenshot


Fancy Schmancy Joystick is a simple joystick class built for Cocos2d v3.

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Swift-SpriteKit-Analog-Stick screenshot


Virtual analog stick (Swift+Sprite Kit)

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ASAttributedLabelNode screenshot


Draw NSAttributedString in SpriteKit

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