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NAMDatabase screenshot


Use SQLite now is easy!

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AVSQLDebugger screenshot


A Simple Core Data Debugger that will look inside your apps DB

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Unrealm screenshot


Unrealm is an extension on RealmCocoa, which enables Swift native types to be saved in Realm.

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KVStore screenshot


Swift wrapper over sqlite to store key value pairs in db

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AACoreData screenshot


AACoreData is a lightweight data persistence wrapper designed to provide an easier solution for `CRUD` operations using `CoreData`, written in Swift. It provides a singleton instance to access `CoreData` objects anywhere in the code and uses 'value types' to define `CoreData` entities.

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react-native-sqlite-storage screenshot


A React Native plugin allowing native access to SQLite database on iOS. Supports single statement and batch transactions.

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ZXKVStore screenshot


ZXKVStore means ZhangXi key-value Store,It's small and easy to use for store data.

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canDB.swift screenshot


A framework that works like a nonSQL database but runs on top of sqlite(FMDB)

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SQLiteInfo screenshot


OS X app that gives information about the size in Kb for each table of a db

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react-native-sqlite screenshot


SQLite3 bindings for React Native

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SQLite.swift screenshot


A type-safe, Swift-language layer over SQLite3. SQLite.swift provides compile-time confidence in SQL statement syntax and intent. Features: - A pure-Swift interface - A type-safe, optional-aware SQL expression builder - A flexible, chainable, lazy-executing query layer - Automatically-typed data access - A lightweight, uncomplicated query and parameter binding interface - Transactions with implicit commit/rollback - Developer-friendly error handling and debugging - SQLCipher support - Well-documented - Extensively tested

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RSTCoreDataKit screenshot


A simpler CoreData Stack

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SQPersist screenshot


Objective-C Persistence framework wrapper around SQLite : saves your data into SQLite database, without writes SQL requests.

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Camembert screenshot


Use sqlite3 for iOS and OS X simply. Written in Swift, you can now store all your data, with the easy way ever.

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SCSQLite screenshot


The SCSQLite is a wrapper of SQLite Objective-C for iPhone and iPad (iOS). (

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SugarRecord screenshot


A Core Data management library written in Swift. Thanks to SugarRecord you'll be able to start the Core Data stack structure just with a line of code and start working with your database models using closures thanks to the fact that SugarRecord is completly written in Swift.

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AFSQLManager screenshot


SQL and SQLite database manage on iOS made easy. Create, open, rename and delete databases with AFSQLManager, a block-driven iOS SQL and SQLite manager class. Perform queries never has been that easy!

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IQDatabaseManager screenshot


IQDatabaseManager contains CoreData helper classes with convenience methods to communicate with CoreData for performing common tasks (inserting+updating+deleting+sorting+searching) on database records. IQDatabaseManager Features:- 1) Convenience methods to Insert, Update, Delete records. 2) Convenience methods to do Searching and Sorting. I created a subclass called MyDatabaseManager for demo purpose.

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ZeeSQLiteHelper screenshot


Simple SQLite helper for performing general database tasks with few lines of code like fetching records from DB, Inserting, Updating and Deleting records.

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LKDBHelper screenshot


A lightweight, thread safe SQLite ORM based on FMDatabase.

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