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BSStackView screenshot


3D Stacked View control for iOS

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AAChartKit-Slim screenshot


Features: 1. Support iOS 6, ARC & Objective C. 2. Powerful,support the column chart, bar chart, line chart, spline chart, pie chart, polar chart, radar chart and other graphics. 3. Interactive, animated, the animation is exquisite and deligate. 4. Support chain programming syntax like Masonry 5. AAChartView + AAChartModel = Chart, In the AAChartKit, it follows a minimalist formula: Chart view + Chart model = The chart you want.

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JZStackedView screenshot


A 3D Stacked View

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YFCardTransitions screenshot


YFCardTransitions is a set of custom UIViewController transitions designed to be used with Tim Gleue's awesome TGLStackedViewController. This transitions are meant to simulate the behaviour of a card being pulled and returned to a stack of cards

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TGLStackedViewController screenshot


A stacked view layout with gesture-based reordering using a UICollectionView -- inspired by Apple's Passbook and Reminders apps.

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SSStackedView screenshot


Inspired by PassBook App and Reminders App for iOS 7, this is designed to have a stacked page view that uses reusable pages for efficiency. Easily scroll through UIImageViews, UIViews or your custom View with this one do-it-all class. SSStackedPageView uses a scroll view to manage through your large list of views. By either selecting or dragging the view up, you divide the stack and highlight that view. Each view is customized to the length of the SSStackedPageView. For efficiency, I make use of a reusable array of pages so that scrolling is fast and beautiful.

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JPStackedViewController screenshot


Stacked UIViewControllers with some style. Stack multiple view controllers that can be moved around. Both Swiping and panning gestures work (only left/right).

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SBStackedBarChart screenshot


An iOS UIView subclass that displays a stacked bar chart either horizontally or vertically (default).

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PSStackedView screenshot


Open source implementation of Twitter/iPad stacked ui - done right.

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