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Powerful customizable chart legends * Define the layout with only a flag, in interface builder or code. * Predefined shapes and possibility to use custom paths. * Per-cell configuration or ove...

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Easy to use and highly customizable pie charts library for iOS - Customizable slices - Add overlays using simple UIViews - Interactive - Animated - Dynamic slice insertion - Reusable compon...

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This library is a collection of functions that perform statistical calculations in Swift.

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HACBarChart screenshot


Simple and dynamic bar graph, very easy setup and operation.

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A simple animated bar chart class. Uses datasource and delegates similar to UITableView for easy addition of data. Also can set properties to manage time of animation, grid spaces, label fonts and ...

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This project is an Objective-C port of Dave Child's awesome Text-Statistics project. Get stats regarding readability, syllables, and counts of words/sentences with just a Category on NSString.

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A simple Objective-C Bar Chart / Histogram library.

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In-app monitoring of system conditions for iOS apps. Displays: The variation of memory usage [kB]; The total memory usage [kB]; The variation of CPU time [msec]; The number of UIView subclasses.

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