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HideAndSeek Desktop screenshot

HideAndSeek Desktop

Hide/Show your Desktop Icons on your Mac Easily with one click or one shortcut (Cmd+Opt+H). It will avoid you to write the command line to hide or show every time and can be automated with shortcut.

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Stories screenshot


It is similar like Instagram Stories, to show video or photo directly of the users account. This is the Objective C implementation of

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StatusAlert screenshot


Display Apple system-like self-hiding status alerts. It is well suited for notifying user without interrupting user flow in iOS-like way. It looks very similar to the alerts displayed in Podcasts, Apple Music and News apps.

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MJModalStatusView screenshot


This modal status view makes your app look fantastic, it is a simple and fancy modal to show any time!

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iStatusNotifier screenshot


Show notification in Statusbar

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BPStatusBarAlert screenshot


BPStatusBarAlert is a library that allows you to easily make text-based alert that appear on the status bar and below navigation bar.

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AutomaticStatusBarColor screenshot


A zero line component to manage status bar color automaticly throughout your application

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GDPerformanceView screenshot


Shows FPS, CPU usage, app and iOS versions above the status bar.

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StatusProvider screenshot


Protocol to handle initial Loadings, Empty Views and Error Handling in a ViewController & views

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EVWDropDownNotification screenshot


A simple but yet powerful Swift Dropdown Notification for iOS inspired by AlvaroFranco but rewritten in Swift 2.2 and extended to offer much more customisation

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JPFPSStatus screenshot


Show FPS Status on StatusBar

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ShowMeThatStatus screenshot


This is a component written in Swift for iOS 9.0+ to display statuses of a process in a nicely animated manner. It's easy to use and highly customisable regarding appearance.

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AlertBar screenshot


An easy alert on status bar

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GSKStretchyHeaderView screenshot


A generic, easy to use stretchy header for UITableView and UICollectionView. It works without subclassing your table or collection view or by using a custom UICollectionViewLayout, so you can easily add it to existing views in your app.

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Distributed Notifications screenshot

Distributed Notifications

Distributed Notifications using Core Foundation API: CFNotificationCenterGetDistributedCenter. One daemon is a LaunchAgent daemon, who runs as an Agent in OS X status bar. The second daemon is running in the background as a LaunchDaemon. The goal is that the two daemons communicate trouth Notification with each other and also the first Daemon should display a UI in OS X Login Window.

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ARSLineProgress screenshot


iOS progress bar, replacement for the default activity indicator.

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GRStatusBar screenshot


Safari-like status bar for macOS apps

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Disk Status screenshot

Disk Status

Get available/free disk space on the iPhone/iPad device using Swift.

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JKNotificationPanel screenshot


JKNotificationPanel lets you create a simple notification panel that display on the top of the view/navigation or below.

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MFLFillableTextLoader screenshot


Loading or progress indicator based on filling stroked text.

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VerticallyScrollingStatusView screenshot


A subclass of UIView that shows vertically scrolling status messages. The previous message scrolls up and fades when a new one is set.

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