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AttributedString.swift screenshot


Swifty NSAttributed String.

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ALLKit - Async List Layout Kit screenshot

ALLKit - Async List Layout Kit

A declarative data-driven framework for rapid development of smooth UI.

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StyledTextKit screenshot


Declarative building and fast rendering attributed string library.

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CuteAttribute screenshot


An elegant way to deal with attributed string in swift.

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SearchablePicker screenshot


Display Apple system-like picker view. It is well suited for showing a long list of items with a search bar in iOS-like way. It looks very similar to the views shown in Apple System Setting.

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SpellCheckerTextView screenshot


A UITextView subclass which detects and highlights words with incorrect spellings. The language is determined using the Device Language. Uses UISpellChecker and NSLinguistic Tagger. Written entirely in Swift 4.1.

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KOLocalizedString screenshot


Helper for change language your app, alternative NSLocalized​String in Swift

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StringFormatter screenshot


Simple Text Formetter (Credit Card Number, Phone Number etc.)

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RegeributedTextView screenshot


RegeributedTextView is a subclass of UITextView that supports fully attribute string based on regular expression.

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Cupcake screenshot


An easy way to create and layout UI components for iOS (Swift version).

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NSStringMask screenshot


NSStringMask allows you to apply masks or formats to NSStrings using NSRegularExpression to input your format.

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veneer screenshot


A simple library for building attributed strings, for a more civilized age.

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SwiftRichString screenshot


Elegant & Painless Attributed Strings Management Library in Swift

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AttributedTextView screenshot


Easiest way to create an attributed UITextView with support for multiple links.

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Iconic screenshot


Iconic will help making icon fonts integration effortless on iOS. Its main component is in charge of auto-generating strongly typed Swift code, fully compatible with Objective-C.

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BonMot screenshot


Beautiful, easy attributed strings for iOS

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MMLocalization screenshot


Its a helper to change your localization string

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VKExpandableButton screenshot


VKExpandableButton is a simple and easy-to-use expandable button written in Swift. You can put any String or UIImage inside it's content and customize it as you wish.

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AOR screenshot


Wrapper of NSAttributedString and Text Kit. written in Swift.

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NoOptionalInterpolation screenshot


NoOptionalInterpolation gets rid of "Optional(...)" and "nil" in Swift's string interpolation and make pluralization easier. let age = 42 let text = "I am \(age ~ "year") old" // "I am 42 years old"

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JQSwiftIcon screenshot


Add icons to your project without moving a finger. JQSwiftIcon uses string interpolation to replace placeholders on text and replaces them with icons

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