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SwiftSunburstDiagram screenshot


SwiftUI library to easily render diagrams given a tree of objects. Similar to ring chart, sunburst chart, multilevel pie chart.

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SunshineKit screenshot


Framework that calculates various Sun related data.

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Kitsunebi screenshot


Overlay alpha channel video animation player view using OpenGLES.

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ARSolar screenshot


Solar System with ARKit on Swift

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BDAstroCalc screenshot


BDAstroCalc is a Swift struct for low-precision calculations related to Earth's sun and moon.

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YALSunnyRefreshControl screenshot


Pull to refresh animation for real estate apps

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SunSetUtility screenshot


A Simple utility that can be added to your iOS project that allows you to notify users that you are shutting down this app. You can refer users to a different app if you like. You can also stage the rollout with a cancel button that allows users to keep using the app. Then you can set a switch to only allow download of the new app at a later time.

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BRSunTracker screenshot


Augmented Reality classes that track and display the sun position on the screen

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TWStatus screenshot


Show notification status on Status bar mimicking Sunrise and Mailbox.

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FESSolarCalculator screenshot


Calculate sunrise, sunset, various dawn and dusk, and noon times for a given location and date. Works on both iOS and Mac OS X. Useful for determining day or night settings (night mode for a reading app, auto-enable flash for a camera app) in an app rather than using an arbitrary switch time.

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JBDaylightOverlay screenshot


An overlay for MapKit that shows daylight for the current date and time.

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