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CapsuleView screenshot


An easy to use drop-in view to create a beautiful card style effect with a title placeholder and body content.

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CollectionViewSlantedLayout screenshot


CollectionViewSlantedLayout is a subclass of UICollectionViewLayout allowing the display of slanted content on UICollectionView.

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RKPieChart screenshot


RKPieChart is super easy pie chart view written in Swift 3.

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ABWebView screenshot


A utility control which is using fast WKWebView in replacement of UIWebView which is introduced in iOS8. Just set URL to load and it will do the rest. Very easy to implement. This is very useful wh...

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ScrollUISegmentController screenshot


custom scroll view with uisegmentcontroller help developers add Scrollable segment controller simply swift3

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AppStoreiOS11 screenshot


iOS 11 Appstore clone, uses API to emulate apples appstore, and designed as a clone of iOS 11's appstore even though it is written in swift 3.

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DDViewSwitcher screenshot


😊 With DDViewSwitcher, you can simply implement the effect of scrolling the view with just two lines. Like android TextSwitcher

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RegeributedTextView screenshot


RegeributedTextView is a subclass of UITextView that supports fully attribute string based on regular expression.

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Anima screenshot


Anima is chainable Layer-Based Animation library for Swift3. It support to make sequential and grouped animation more easily.

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ConcurrentDownloadsSwift3 screenshot


This project contains A-Z details of how to support concurrent downloads in Swift3 via remote URLs. Also saving the downloaded files to your local directory && viewing them in offline mode && also ...

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ContactHelperSwift3 screenshot


ContactHelperSwift3 contains Fetch, Delete, Add and Update Contact Functionality

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AppStoreLikeExampleSwift3 screenshot


AppStoreLikeExample, TableView Inside ScrollView

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Morph screenshot


A wrapper for CoreAnimation (Swift).

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StoryboardConstraint screenshot


A simple way to use programmatically Autolayout Constraint created in Storyboard.

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AMGAutolayoutHelper screenshot


Autolayout extension for automatically adapt fonts on UI elements

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YNDropDownMenu screenshot


Adorable iOS drop down menu with Swift3

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KeyboardHideManager screenshot


Codeless manager to hide keyboard by tapping on views for iOS written in Swift.

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QuickRippleButton screenshot


custom Button (UIButton) which has ripple animation when clicked (Swift3)

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CardsStack screenshot


CardStack converts your UICollectionView to an awesome stack of cards using custom UICollectionViewLayout. It allows user to drag the cards and expand it. Once expanded, you can also drag and colla...

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DotsLoader screenshot


Dots Activity Indicator using Interface Builder (Swift 3)

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UICircularProgressRing screenshot


A circular progress bar for iOS written in Swift 3

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