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🏷 Type-safe tags in Swift

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TaggerKit screenshot


TaggerKit is a straightforward library that helps you implement tags in your iOS project.

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TagStyledView screenshot


Easier view of the style of the tag view View to receive and display cells of the collection view

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Tags screenshot


dynamically add, modify, and delete tags, and you can easily change the margins, colors, and fonts of your tags. Tags are not broken because they are linked with Auto Layout. Each time the height of the tag changes, you can bring the height to the delegate

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SSCTaglistView screenshot


Customizable iOS tag list view, in Swift.

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YLTagsChooser screenshot


A tags chooser by UICollectionView. 用UICollectionView实现的兴趣标签选择器

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ORBTagList screenshot


Visual data representation in form of tag list (cloud). Highly customizable and uses iOS-friendly protocols for data input.

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DPColorfulTags-Swift screenshot


Random colorful tags in UITableView

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ASJTagsView screenshot


Quickly create a view with tags with an option to delete

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HXTagsView screenshot


HXTagsView is a label that supports automatic layout tag. Features: - flow display label - Configuration label font size, color, border color, arc frame size, frame width, height, spacing, margins, label around the internal spacing can - support for single line and multiple line scrolling display Support multi - operation control field isMultiSelect - support cell, height calculation method + (CGFloat) getCellHeightWithTags: (NSArray *) layout: layout (HXTagCollectionViewFlowLayout *) tagAttribute: tagAttribute (HXTagAttribute *) width: tags (CGFloat) width; - to support the Search Keywords tag and bright color and keyword custom, set the value of the key field can be - Tag style change tagSpace, tagAttribute is the label inside the left and right spacing and, as well as titleSize, the 2 parameters affect the calculation - label layout calculated properties to change the layout, is to change the HXTagCollectionViewFlowLayout attributes including.ScrollDirection.ItemSize.MinimumInteritemSpacing.MinimumLineSpacing.SectionInset properties, use the same theuicollectionviewflowlayout;

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RKTagsView screenshot


Highly customizable iOS tags view

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UITags screenshot


UITags can be used if you have a list a you want to filter the based on some cateogies, or if you want the user to choose some of the options. It is very customizable

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TagListView screenshot


Simple Tag List View Container in Swift

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ANTagsView screenshot


This is the dynamic view to add and display hash tags in iOS Applicaitons.

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PARTagPicker screenshot


This pod provides a view controller for choosing and creating tags in the style of wordpress or tumblr.

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TLTagsControl screenshot


A nice and simple tags control for iOS Nice and minimalistic design Simple to integrate, use and customize! You could see a video at

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VENTokenField screenshot


Easy-to-use token field that is used in the Venmo app.

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AKTagsInputView screenshot


A convenient input view for seek and selecting, and writing tags data. Features: * write your own tags * forbidden symbols settings * space or comma separation * lookup-like accessory input view * fast seek by first letters

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WCGitTagsPlugin screenshot


An Xcode plugin which lets you add tagging ability to Source Control

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EBPhotoPages screenshot


EBPhotoPages is a photo gallery library for displaying pages of photos and their meta data in a scrollview. Users are able to zoom photos in and out, as well as create, edit or delete comments and tags, share or delete a photo, and report inappropriate photos. All photos and content are loaded asynchronously. User permissions for a photo are controlled through a delegate protocol. No graphic files are required for the gallery as icons are drawn in code. The library was designed using a state pattern to control the behavior of the gallery, so that other developers can easily modify or add new states without having to understand too much of the original code. Quick Feature list: + Photo Tagging: Create/Edit/Delete + Photo Commenting: Create/Edit/Delete + Photo Sharing: + Photo Reporting: + Speficy User Permissions per Photo for commenting, tagging, deletion, reporting, etc. + Page Based Scrolling + Photos give immediate bounce feedback when single tapped, for a juicy interface feel. + Toggle Tags On/Off + Pinch, Zoom, Pan Photos with gestures. + Scrollable captions, variable lengths with auto-dimming background + Show/Hide UI elements with a single tap gesture + Asynchronous loading of data + Activity Indicator per Photo. + Content Mode AspectFit/Center auto detection (prevent photos smaller than the screen from blowing up) + Full landscape/portrait orientation support + Resolution independent support (iPad/iPhone) + Touch and hold comments to copy or delete + Flat UI Design + Comments icon shows the number of comments posted (if there are any) + Other stuff!

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BENTagsView screenshot


A simple UIView sublass for displaying a series of tags.

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