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StyledTextKit screenshot


Declarative building and fast rendering attributed string library.

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DOLabel screenshot


UILabel replacement based on CoreText/CALayer for macOS and iOS

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MLLabel screenshot


UILabel with TextKit. support Link and Expression. (iOS 7+)

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FuriganaTextView screenshot


A simple wrapper view for UITextView that can display Furiganas.

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ODMultiColumnLabel screenshot


A UILabel replacement that renders text on multiple columns, comes in both Objective-C and Swift versions

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ImgGlyph screenshot


ImgGlyph for iOS is a collection of drop-in replacements for UILabel and UITextView that allow for correctly sized in-line images (image glyphs) by replacing certain characters or strings with spec...

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CYRTextView screenshot


CYRTextView is a UITextView subclass that implements a variety of features that are relevant to a syntax or code text view. There are many subclasses of UITextView out there with the release of Tex...

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