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AMSpeedMeter screenshot


AMSpeedMeterView is a view can display the value at regular time intervals.

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BRCountDownView screenshot


BORING Countdown animated - customizable UI Components.

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Workaholic screenshot


A Github's like work contribution timeline.

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SRCountdownTimer screenshot


This is the simple circle countdown with a configurable timer.

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MultipleTimers screenshot


Multiple Timers is a custom view for iOS that enables circular progress animation with respect to given duration. Multiple Timers supports following features - Progress animation in clockwise...

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BRCircularProgressBar screenshot


It shows circular progress for multi purpose like download, upload and timer progress.

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ORBVisualTimer screenshot


Highly customizable timer/progress bar view for iOS.

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HGCircularSlider screenshot


A powerful and a highly customizable sliders

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JDMechanicWatch screenshot


JDMechanicWatch can show time in a MechanicWatch look. Thanks for using.

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KVTimer screenshot


The circular timer for iOS - KVTimer

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SnapTimer screenshot


Implementation of Snapchat's stories timer.

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10Clock screenshot


This Control is a beautiful time-of-day picker heavily inspired by the iOS 10 "Bedtime" timer.

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CLTimer screenshot


CLTimer provides you a circular timer to integrate in your ios app with multiple designs and time format options. Intead of writing complicated code with complex calculations you can simply integra...

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CountdownLabel screenshot


Simple countdown UILabel with morphing animation, and some useful function.

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LinearProgressBar screenshot


A simple progress bar for iOS

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CircleTimer screenshot


Animated countdown timer

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DXTimestamper screenshot


A simple yet extensible solution to showing live timestamps on iOS, for past & future NSDates.

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Chronos screenshot


Chronos is intended to be a collection of useful Grand Central Dispatch utilities. Currently Chronos only includes a timer utility, but the whole library is under active development. If you have an...

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Game-Timer screenshot


GameTimer is a light-weight timer that you can use for iOS games. It can be enhanced easily for more complex projects. One use is to update a progressbar whilst the main timer is running. GameTi...

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DDHTimerControl screenshot


A UIControl subclass to input minutes or seconds.

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MRTimer screenshot


A simple tool to measure the execution duration for methods.

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Easy Timeline screenshot

Easy Timeline

Sometimes you need things to happen at specific times and things. When it's just an event 2.0 seconds later, a performSelector:withObject:afterDelay: is perfect. If it gets a little more comp...

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JMTimerBeam screenshot


JMTimerBeam enables you to show a decent beam on your OSX screen for visualising a timing event. The beam will be attached to the top, right, bottom or left side of your screen and decreases steadi...

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MZTimerLabel screenshot


MZTimerLabel is a UILabel subclass, which is a handy way to use UILabel as a countdown timer or stopwatch just like that in Apple Clock App with just 2 lines of code. MZTimerLabel also provides del...

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TTCounterLabel screenshot


A custom UILabel that acts as a time counter, counting up or down and formatting the string to hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds. Designed to accept a value in milliseconds that is then disp...

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