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YYBottomSheet screenshot


Simple and Clear BottomSheet (BottomUpTable, SimpleToast)

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PanModal screenshot


PanModal is an elegant and highly customizable presentation API for constructing bottom sheet modals on iOS.

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AwaitToast screenshot


🍞 An async waiting toast with basic toast. Inspired by facebook posting toast

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Loaf screenshot


Yet another iOS Toast library! Loaf is a Swifty Framework for Easy iOS Toasts!

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JonAlert screenshot


A simple and elegant feedback alert like Spotify's, written in Swift

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SKToast screenshot


SKToast is a simple and light weight Android like toast view for your iOS app written in swift.

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StatusAlert screenshot


Display Apple system-like self-hiding status alerts. It is well suited for notifying user without interrupting user flow in iOS-like way. It looks very similar to the alerts displayed in Podcasts, Apple Music and News apps.

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PopupWindow screenshot


PopupWindow is a simple Popup using another UIWindow PopupWindow can be displayed at the top or bottom of the screen. Popup can set margins, cornerRadius, blur, etc. When displaying blur, you can't touch the below contents. By erasing blur, you can touch the below contents. Popup are displayed on another window, so you can leave Popup even when screen transitions.

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iSnackBar screenshot


An iOS implementation of the Snackbar concept, as used extensively in Android as well as many Google iOS apps such as Gmail

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SHSnackBarView screenshot


Snackbar view for iOS

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JYToast screenshot


real basic toast if you toast same message, not show overlap. (if same object) if you toast different message, disappear previous message and immediately show new toast.

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TinyToast screenshot


TinyToast is simple toast library in Swift.

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BDCustomAlert screenshot


Custom alertview supported with two and one button. Also supporting toast message in iOS.

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iStatusNotifier screenshot


Show notification in Statusbar

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CRNotifications screenshot


Custom in-app notifications with animated slide-in. CocoaPods and manual install supported.

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SpaceView screenshot


Library to display the amazing messages to alert the user. You can easily call them. Incredibly simple and easy to change to suit your requirements.

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ASToast screenshot


A Swift extension for using Android style Toast notifications.

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RNNotificationView screenshot


Emulates the native Notification Banner UI for any alert

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HJToast screenshot


HJToast is a customised library for Toast or SnackBar, that comes with powerful feature of accessory views. It can be used to display the short messages or events over the view.

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FTIndicator screenshot


A light wight UI package contains local notification, progress HUD, toast, with blur effect, elegant API and themes Support for iOS. Inspried by Apple's process indicator and notifications.

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SGSnackBar screenshot


A simple iOS library to show Toast/Snackbar messages with action handler

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