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HolyView screenshot


Custom view with transparent circle hole and title/button subview

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SSAlphaPass screenshot


Pass on touch events to the UIView \ UIButton underneath your current view if your pixel alpha channel is 0 (if the pixel is transparent) Useful if you don't want to catch all touch events on UIViews \ UIButtons with a non squareish appearance.

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DSTransparentNavigationBar screenshot


UINavigationBar with transparency.

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ClearTextLabel screenshot


UILabel subclass that renders see through text using CoreText, textColor is clearColor.

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DPTransparentEdgesTableView (Swift and Objective-C implementation) screenshot

DPTransparentEdgesTableView (Swift and Objective-C implementation)

Table and scroll view with transparent top and bottom edges. Written in Objective-C and Swift

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AHKActionSheet screenshot


A `UIActionSheet` alternative with a block-based API and a customizable look. Heavily inspired by the Spotify app. Optimized for the iPhone.

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GFTransparentView screenshot


A iOS 7 NotificationCenter like view that helps you visualizing background elements just putting for example a white object on its top!

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HATransparentView screenshot


UIView transparent subclass based on Rdio stations menu.

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IQIrregularView screenshot


IQIrregularView is a UIView subclass, played with CAShapeLayer to create IrregularView. Irregular view responds to touches on only visible part of view i.e. CAShapeLayer.path. Suggestions and help accepted to improve this more.

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OBShapedButton screenshot


OBShapedButton is a UIButton subclass optimized for non-rectangular button shapes. Instances of OBShapedButton respond to touches only in areas where the image that is assigned to the button for UIControlStateNormal is non-transparent.

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