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UILayoutBuilder screenshot


An AutoLayout DSL that intuitive syntax and viewable hierarchy.

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SkeletonUI screenshot


SkeletonUI aims to bring an elegant, declarative syntax to skeleton loading animations. Get rid of loading screens or spinners and start using skeletons to represent final content shapes.

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DuctTape screenshot


📦 KeyPath dynamicMemberLookup based syntax sugar for Swift.

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glide engine screenshot

glide engine

Game engine for making 2d games on iOS, macOS and tvOS, with practical examples

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SwiftyStoreKit screenshot


Lightweight In App Purchases Swift framework for iOS 8.0+, tvOS 9.0+ and macOS 10.10+

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TvOSSlider screenshot


TvOSSlider is an implementation of UISlider for tvOS.

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Prex screenshot


🔁Unidirectional data flow architecture with MVP and Flux combination for Swift

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TVVLCPlayer screenshot


TVVLCPlayer lets you integrate easylily a powerfull video player with playback control views to your tvOS apps.

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TvOSCustomizableTableViewCell screenshot


Light wrapper of UITableViewCell that allows extra customization for tvOS

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TvOSPinKeyboard screenshot


PIN keyboard for tvOS

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TvOSScribble screenshot


Handwriting numbers recognizer for Siri Remote

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Cacher screenshot


Super simple caching solution for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS

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TvOSMoreButton screenshot


📺 tvOS '... More' Button

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TvOSTextViewer screenshot


Light and scrollable view controller for tvOS to present blocks of text

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TVOSPicker screenshot


A sweet horizontal picker view controller for tvOS.

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Funky screenshot


Funky is a functional utility library written in Objective-C. It provides a set of extension methods on NSArray, NSDictionary and NSSet for you to help dealing with common operations (usually in a functional way). Also provides a nice concept for dealing with nil values in collections. It's easy to integrate, 100% documented, >96% unit tested, CocoaPods friendly, available on all Apple platforms.

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SGPlayer screenshot


A powerful media player framework for iOS, macOS, and tvOS. Support 360° panorama video, VR video. RTMP streaming.

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Framework screenshot


A template for new Swift iOS / tvOS / watchOS / macOS Framework project ready with travis-ci, cocoapods, Carthage, SwiftPM and a Readme file

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AFCurvedArrowView screenshot


A view to show a configurable arrow wherever you need. (Mostly useful for user guides) You don’t need to have different images for arrows for different screen sizes.

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TVKit screenshot


UI components for tvOS

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DynamicColor screenshot


Yet another extension to manipulate colors and gradient easily in Swift

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