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TwitterReplyBot screenshot


Automate replies to Tweets for the authorized user

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TweetTextView screenshot


This is a custom NSTextView to heighlight username hashtag and link.

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TweeTextField screenshot


Lightweight set of text fields with nice animation and functionality. 🚀 Inspired by

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KSPhotoBrowser screenshot


A beautiful photo browser with interactive dismissal animation.一个小而美的图片浏览器。

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Newly screenshot


Newly is a drop in solution to add Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin style, new updates/tweets/posts available button. It can be used to notify user about new content availability and can other actions can be triggers using its delegate method.

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Twikee screenshot


Twikee is a library to help you promote your app or game by using the most effective marketing technique : Twitter spreading. You can use it by providing extra content (unblock features, extra lifes, etc) to users in exchange for an advertising tweet about your app.

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REDActionSheet screenshot


Tweetbot-style action sheet. Video:

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URBMediaFocusViewController screenshot


An easy-to-use view controller that animates thumbnail previews of your media to their full size versions with physics similar to Tweetbot 3.

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MLAlertView screenshot


Tweetbot 3 alert view style and animation

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TwProfile screenshot


Demo of effect of tweetbot profile image

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TSMessages screenshot


This framework provides an easy to use class to show little notification views on the top of the screen. (à la Tweetbot). The notification moves from the top of the screen underneath the navigation bar and stays there for a few seconds, depending on the length of the displayed text. To dismiss a notification before the time runs out, the user can swipe it to the top or just tap it.

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AMAttributedHighlightLabel screenshot


A UILabel subclass with mention/hashtag/link highlighting.

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STTweetLabel screenshot


A custom UILabel view controller with certain words tappable like Twitter (#Hashtag, @People and Highly customizable!

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MDCParallaxView screenshot


Create a parallax effect using a custom container view, much like the top view of Path's timeline.

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HHPanningTableViewCell - Swipe to reveal screenshot

HHPanningTableViewCell - Swipe to reveal

HHPanningTableViewCell is a UITableViewCell implementing "swipe to reveal" a drawer view. Such a view typically holds action buttons applying to the current row. This behavior is seen in a number of iOS applications. To my knowledge the idea was pioneered by Loren Brichter for Tweetie (aka Twitter for iPhone). The HHPanningTableViewCell implementation was written for the [ACTPrinter 4.0 application]( The code presented here is identical to the one used in the shipped product.

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TCTweetComposeViewController screenshot


TCTweetComposeViewController is a drop in replacement for TWTweetComposeViewController. It provides similar functionality but is modelled after the email composition view, which is aesthetically simpler and more appealing.

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SVPullToRefresh screenshot


Give pull-to-refresh & infinite scrolling to any UITableView with 1 line of code.

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MOOPullGesture screenshot


Clean, versatile pull gesture for iOS perfectionists. Comes with pull-to-create and pull-to-refresh.

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RDActionSheet screenshot


A class to make easy to customise action sheets

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TweetBot like UIAlertView and UIActionSheet replacement screenshot

TweetBot like UIAlertView and UIActionSheet replacement

If you're sick and tired of the old UIActionSheet and UIAlertView's look or just can't do what you want with them, these classes are the answer to your prayers. The classes can be easily customized to your look and feel and they're even easier to use than the iOS API classes because they use blocks for the actions, not a freaking delegate. Read the blog post to know more:

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IFTweetLabel screenshot


Twitteriffic's fancy UILabel.

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