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StylableNavigationBar screenshot


🧸 StylableNavigationBar provide a lightweight replacement for a standard UINavigationController, so you can easily manage your navigation and status bar styles throughout your iOS app

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BSDropper screenshot


Drop like a hell. see how it works by the link below. GIF:

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SilentScrolly screenshot


Scroll to hide navigationBar, tabBar and toolBar.

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ALButtonMenu screenshot


ALButtonMenu is a customizable menu solution for iOS. Create a menu view controller (or use the class provided) and specify the characteristics of the shortcut button. Then tap the button to quickl...

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FlipTheBlinds screenshot


FlipTheBlinds is an animation transition between view controllers that creates a venetian blinds domino effect. CHECK OUT THE DEMO:

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Hero screenshot


Supercharged transition engine for iOS.

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Tamamushi screenshot


Tamamushi is an easy to use gradient UINavigationBar written in Swift 3. You can use already defined gradient color sets like Facebook Messenger, YouTube, SoundCloud or other cool gradient color se...

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JNAPushPopCompletionBlock screenshot


Completion block for UINavigationController "push" and "pop" view controllers

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Kaeru screenshot


Switch viewcontroller like ios task manager.

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KSNavigationController screenshot


Looking for macOS (Mac OS X) analog of UIKit's UINavigationController from iOS? This class mimics its behavior.

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ZoomTransitioning screenshot


ZoomTransitioning provides a custom transition with image zooming animation. When you use this library with UINavigationController, you can pop view controller with edge swiping.

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SloppySwipingNav screenshot


NavigationController that provides Sloppy Swiping.

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BIZCircularTransition screenshot


BIZCircularTransition is a round transition between UIViewControllers.

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BIZActivityButton screenshot


BIZActivityButton is a subclass of UIButton with activity indicator that can be used to show some processing.

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BIZCountNavigationItem screenshot


BIZCountNavigationItem is a subclass of UIBarButtonItem that adds count label with animated updates.

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KMNavigationBarTransition screenshot


A drop-in universal library makes transition animations smooth between different navigation bar styles while pushing or popping a view controller. And you don't need to write any line of code for i...

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KYNavigationProgress screenshot


Simple extension of UINavigationController to display progress on the UINavigationBar.

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RainbowNavigation screenshot


Animated change the colour of UINavigationBar when Push/Pop

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KDInteractiveNavigationController screenshot


A UINavigationController subclass that support interactive UINavigationbar with hidden or show.

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SMTNavigationBar screenshot


Easily access and customize your navigation bar universally. Add buttons and get full control of its selector methods.

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OctagonTransitioning screenshot


A simple project which demonstrate similar type 3d cube animation - octagon. Octagon transitioning navigation animation between controllers in UINavigationController

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WAAppRouting screenshot


WAAppRouting is a library to help you dealing with routing on your app by handling controllers. The key point is that WAAppRouting handles a stack of controllers! After a simple configuration, cal...

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YSLTransitionAnimator screenshot


a pinterest style transition animation

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UINavigationControllerGameFade screenshot


Fade transitions for UINavigationController such as push, pop, reset root view controller and replace one or multiple view controllers

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JVMenuPopover - Menu Popover screenshot

JVMenuPopover - Menu Popover

This is a simple menu popover written in Objective-C. Feel free to contribute if you would like to add a feature to this pod.

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