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BIZActivityButton screenshot


BIZActivityButton is a subclass of UIButton with activity indicator that can be used to show some processing.

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BIZCountNavigationItem screenshot


BIZCountNavigationItem is a subclass of UIBarButtonItem that adds count label with animated updates.

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UINavigationItem-Loading screenshot


Simple category to show a loading status in a navigation bar in place of left/right items or title.

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MLTransition screenshot


Only support iOS7+. It can enable the pan gesture to pop viewController all the way. Even you custom left navigation item or do other thing.

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UIBarButtonItemGrouping screenshot


iOS category on UINavigationItem that groups automatically UIBarButtonItem buttons on the left or rightBarButtonItems. You can add as many buttons as you want and then set the available spots, the category will take care of the grouping an generating the UIActionSheet with the overflow buttons.

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