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Progress Mask View screenshot

Progress Mask View

Progress view which masks the entire screen to disable user interaction.

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SSProgressBar screenshot


Customizable progressbar

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VKProgressPie screenshot


This project is a plug and play - Customisable Live Rendering Radial Progress Indicator. All written in Swift4 latest syntax. Based on CoreAnimation framework. One can use either Storyboard or code to customise: 1) Background image of Indicator 2) Color of Indicator 3) Background colour of Indicator View 4) Show/ hide percent text 5) Customise Percent text label 6) Show/ hide background image of Indicator View

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GradientProgress screenshot


A gradient progress bar (UIProgressView).

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JDProgressRoundView screenshot


JDProgressRoundView is Stylish Process Meter Based on UIProgressView. It growns 5% every tap, or you can just set the progress u want.

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MPProgressViewCell screenshot


It's Simple UIImageView Category Class which is for downloading image from remote server using SDWebImage and DACircleProgressView

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BIZCircularProgressView screenshot


BIZCircularProgressView is a subclass of UIView that adds round progress view with timer.

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BIZSliderView screenshot


BIZSliderView is a custom slider with flexible adjusting.

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ProgressButton screenshot


Custom button class that displays a progress bar around it to gauge

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KIProgressView screenshot


Medium, Youtube-like Progress View in iOS!

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UAProgressView screenshot


UAProgressView is a simple and lightweight, yet powerful animated circular progress view.

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PICircularProgressView screenshot


PICircularProgressView is a subclass of UIView with circular UIProgressView properties and text in this circle representing the progress. It is based on TSPCircularProgressIndicator for OS X from thesynapseproject.

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JGProgressView screenshot


JGProgressView is a UIProgressView subclass with an animated, OS X inspired 'Indeterminate' setting. JGProgressView is fully customizable: The animation speed and animation direction can be adjusted at any time. For better performance when using multiple JGProgressViews with equal bounds, animation direction and UIProgressViewStyle, the images used for the indeterminate animation can be shared between instances of JGProgressView by setting the "useSharedImages" property to YES. An example scenario where you'd want to use shared images is when using a JGProgressView in a custom UITableViewCell. JGProgressView is used in several Jailbreak Apps: ProTube, Bridge, ProTube Extension for YouTube.

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FSExtendedAlertKit screenshot


Simple replacement for UIAlertView and UIActionSheet with block callbacks, and quick access to alerts with UIActivityIndicatorView and UIProgressView subviews.

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WDUploadProgressView screenshot


Upload Progress View to be attached as a header of a UITableView and receive updates about the connection.

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CSColorizedProgressView screenshot


CSColorizedProgressView is a progress view that transitions a grayscale image to a full-color image.

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KOAProgressBar screenshot


Custom progress bar for iOS 5.0+

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CERoundProgressView screenshot


A progress view which shows its progress a pie-chart.

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DACircularProgress screenshot


DACircularProgress is a UIView subclass with circular UIProgressView properties.

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YLProgressBar screenshot


Custom progress bar for iOS (iPhone, iPad) with an animated background. It is build using the Core Graphics framework.

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