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DateScrollPicker screenshot


Fully customizable date scroll view with picker feature for iOS written in Swift 5

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FooterLinker screenshot


Useful sticky table footer view.

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MIDIPianoRollView screenshot


Customisable UIScrollView subclass for rendering/editing MIDI notes on a piano roll view.

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ContainerView screenshot


ContainerView is designed to add a cool swim from the bottom to the animation with the effect of scale, controlled by the help of a gesture, scrollView also takes control. The idea is taken from the application:

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GSSlidingSelector screenshot


GSSlidingSelector is a controller for selecting a small fixed amount of elements with swipe gestures.

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OffsetCoordinator screenshot


🍏 Handle the header view position when having multiple scroll views.

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ScrollViewController screenshot


Wraps your custom view and presents it on the screen in the way it fills visible area

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Faded ScrollView screenshot

Faded ScrollView

Easy way to fade UIScrollView

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MIIScrollableViews screenshot


MIIScrollableViews makes it easier to handle UIViews in horizontal UIScrollView. Also supports various types of gestures (Tap, Double Tap, Pan, Pinch and Long Press).

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KSTimeline screenshot


Simple custom timeline written in swift

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PSFadingScrollView screenshot


UIScrollView whose content is fading at edges.

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PSHTMLView screenshot


PSHTMLView is a non scrollable WKWebView wrapper, adapt for using in UITableView and UIScrollView.

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Hola screenshot


Light-weight Onboard/Walkthrough UIView/UIImage representer ⏪ & ⏩

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PagingKit screenshot


PagingKit provides customisable menu & content UI. PagingKit has more flexible layout and design than the other libraries. You can construct "Menu" and "Content" UI, and they work together. That's all features this library provides. You can fit layout and design of Pagingin UI to your apps as you like.

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KSImageCarousel screenshot


KSImageCarousel is a lightweight image carousel which can easily adapt to different type of image source. KSImageCarousel support both finite and infinite scrolling mode. Just instantiate KSImageCarousel with your desire UIImages or image URLs and it will do all the work for you.

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CPImageSlider screenshot


A simple image slider written in Swift. Images can be slide via scroll, left and right arrow button and Auto Slide. With circular scroll or without.

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ParallaxHeader screenshot


Simple way to add parallax header to UIScrollView/UITableView written in Swift.

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CreolePriceSelectionView screenshot


You will get a list of items into scroll view and it shows selected item in the center.

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AACarousel screenshot


Easy to create image slider in Swift

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StackScrollView screenshot


iOS form builder in Swift

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expandableCellScroll screenshot


This project shows how to develop expandable cells in a UITableView. Each cell in turn consists of a UIScrollView and a UIImageView background. Data is fetched via an API call. Developed in Latest Swift syntax with Auto-layout constraints enabled.

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