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CardTabBar screenshot


January 22, 2022 • MIT License
This library is for adding animation to iOS tabbar items, which is inherited from UITabBarController.
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October 31, 2019 • MIT License
AMTabView is a custom tab bar with amazing animation.
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September 07, 2019 • MIT License
Card Style Tab Bar Controller
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May 02, 2019 • MIT License
Custom animation for UITabBarController
3D Circle Menu screenshot

3D Circle Menu

March 12, 2018 • Apache 2.0 License
Animating circle View in Tab Bar controller
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August 10, 2017 • MIT License
A drop in UITabbarController with show and hide options
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August 01, 2017 • MIT License
A lightweight customized tabbar view.
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February 28, 2017 • MIT License
UITabBarController with swipe interaction between its tabs.
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February 07, 2017 • MIT License
FlipTheBlinds is an animation transition between view controllers that creates a venetian blinds domino effect. CHECK OUT THE DEMO:
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January 01, 2017 • MIT License
Supercharged transition engine for iOS.
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October 21, 2016 • MIT License
This is super flexible Custom tab bar controller implementation. You have the complete opportunity to customise according to your necessity.
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July 16, 2016 • MIT License
A simple subclass of UITabBarController.
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July 11, 2016 • Apache 2.0 License
To Create the different animation on UITabBar Controller
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July 04, 2016 • MIT License
UITabBarController subclass designed to add cool floating from the bottom animation with scale effect that adds feeling of 3D to one of your tabs.
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June 27, 2016 • Apache 2.0 License
A tabbar controller based UIViewController with special user interaction and design.
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May 14, 2016 • Unspecified License
Drop-in UITabBarController subclass that shows a sidebar with tabs based on trait collections.
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December 16, 2015 • MIT License
A amazing and highly customized tabBarController! You could almost customize 100% of the properties with LCTabBarController!
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September 11, 2015 • MIT License
UITabBarController Replacement Customize the tab bar's height, background color and separator color. Separates each tab into a storyboard.
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April 22, 2015 • MIT License
Simple Tab Bar Controller with Side Buttons.
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February 15, 2015 • Unspecified License
A simple UITabBarController sublcass which allows changing tabs with left and right swipe gestures on the tab bar.