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NGUtilities screenshot


NGUtilities is a header file which you easily drop into your project that adds some powerful macros to aid in Grand Central Dispatch, NSUserDefaults, and many more to come.

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NGUtilitiesSwift screenshot


NGUtilities for Swift is a set of Swift extensions that every Swift project should have.

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SKLogger screenshot


Flexible, pimped out NSLog replacement. Log multiple variables inline with no format specifier. Streamline your debugging experience!

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UAObfuscatedString screenshot


A simple NSStringCategory to hide sensitive strings from appearing in your binary

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ALSystemUtilities screenshot


This library provides a lot of methods to get system information. You can check the RAM, the disk space, the active processes, the number of processors, informations about the carrier, the hardware...

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UALogger screenshot


UALogger is a simple and lightweight logging tool for iOS and Mac apps. It allows you to customize the log format, customize when to log to the console at runtime, and allows collection of the enti...

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MGImageUtilities screenshot


Includes categories for proportional fill (scale, crop and more); and tinting UIImages.

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