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Store screenshot


Unidirectional, transactional, operation-based Store implementation.

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BSZoomGridScrollView screenshot


Boooooring grid-scrollview that is only good at zooming series of views continuously, tracking your touch.

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SPLarkController screenshot


Cool settings controller for your app

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TinyCreditCard screenshot


A clear and animated credit card input workflow implement

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Gradients screenshot


🌔 A curated collection of splendid 180+ gradients made in swift

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Onboarding Walkthrough Implementation in Swift screenshot

Onboarding Walkthrough Implementation in Swift

Onboarding Walkthrough Flow in Swift for iOS New User Onboarding Experience (courtesy:

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Prex screenshot


🔁Unidirectional data flow architecture with MVP and Flux combination for Swift

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Stepperier screenshot


An interactive draggable stepper

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Tuxedo screenshot


Tuxedo is a template language for Swift. It allows you to separate the UI and rendering layer of your application from the business logic. Smart templates working with raw data allow the frontend to be handled and developed separately from other parts of the application, so processing, layouting and formatting your output can be defined in very simple template formats. Why the name? It dresses up your static output with elegant dynamic templates, using control statements, and high level operators. The project was built upon my lightweight interpreter framework, Eval, and served as an example application of what is possible using this evaluator. Soon, the template language example turned out to be a really useful project on its own, so I extracted it to live as a separate library and be used by as many projects as possible. I see the possibility of applications most valuable especially in server-side Swift projects, but there are a lot of other areas where template parsing fits well.

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VueFlux screenshot


Unidirectional Data Flow State Management Architecture for Swift - Inspired by Vuex and Flux

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FluxCapacitor screenshot


FluxCapacitor is the Flux design pattern supporting framework. It makes implementing Flux easily with protocols(Storable, Actionable, DispatchValue). The special feature of Flux is "Data in a Flux application flows in a single direction". It makes clearly an application's data flow. FluxCapacitor contains a Github user search sample project which design pattern is Flux.

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FluxxKit screenshot


Unidirectional data flow for reactive programming in iOS.

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Dispatch screenshot


Multi-store Flux implementation in Swift.

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SwiftListView screenshot


Collection of simple & neutral list views for Swift

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preview transition screenshot

preview transition

PreviewTransition is a simple preview gallery controller built by

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navigation-stack screenshot


NavigationStack is a stack-modeled navigation controller built by

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expanding collection screenshot

expanding collection

ExpandingCollection is a card peek/pop controller build by

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UXMPDFKit screenshot


A PDF viewer and annotator that can be embedded in iOS applications

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UXMVolumeOverlay screenshot


A drop in replacement for the iOS volume overlay; Inspired by Instagram

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AutocompleteField screenshot


Add word completion to your UITextFields. <br> Blog post and instructions:

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BFKit-Swift screenshot


BFKit-Swift is a collection of useful classes, structs and extensions to <strong>develop Apps faster</strong>. If you are looking for <strong>Objective-C</strong> version check it out here: <strong><a href="">BFKit</a></strong> <strong>Foundation:</strong><br> Array<br> Collection<br> Data<br> Date<br> FileManager<br> Number<br> NSObject<br> ProcessInfo<br> String<br> Thread <strong>UIKit:</strong><br> UIBarButtonItem<br> UIButton<br> UIColor<br> UIDevice<br> UIFont<br> UIImage<br> UIImageView<br> UILabel<br> UINavigationBar<br> UIPasteboard<br> UIScreen<br> UIScrollView<br> UITableView<br> UITextField<br> UITextView<br> UIToolbar<br> UIView<br> UIViewController<br> UIWebView<br> UIWindow<br> <strong>BFKit:</strong><br> BFApp<br> BFButton<br> BFLog<br> BFPassword<br> BFSystemSound<br> BFTextField<br> BFTouchID

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