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XDVerticalGradientColorSlider screenshot


XDVerticalGradientColorSlider is vertical gradient color slider, you can use it to pick up an UIColor as you want.

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LMJVerticalScrollText screenshot


A simple and easy to use string scroll control.

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VerticalTree screenshot


🥶Provides a vertical drawing of the tree structure and view information about the tree‘s nodes

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VerticalCardSwiper screenshot


A marriage between the Shazam Discover UI and Tinder, built with UICollectionView in Swift.

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TinderUserProfile screenshot


Tinder/Bumble like user image with user details scroll animation

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Assessment View screenshot

Assessment View

Collection view which scrolls both horizontal and vertical

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VSVerticalSlider screenshot


An animatable and customizable vertical slider written in Swift4.

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MGVerticalProgressBar screenshot


A custom Vertical Progress bar with lots of configuration option like Image and Color support via interface builder

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VerticalProgressScrollView screenshot


This is a simple project showing UIScrollView with paging enabled and a straight forward Vertical Progress bar which animates as the user scrolls through the pages (number of pages are calculated dynamically based on content size). Written in latest Swift Syntax.

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VerticalProgressView screenshot


1. Default progress bar used to make vertical progress bar. 2. Vertical custom view which does same as progress bar.

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PGVerticalOpenTransition-Swift screenshot


Under Dragging - ViewControler to ViewControler Vertical Open Transition.

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CMLazyScrollViewController screenshot


Lazy ScrollView with support for infinite scroll (using a paging system with UIViewControllers and not UIViews)

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ISHPullUp screenshot


Vertical split view controller with pull up gesture as seen in the iOS 10 Maps app

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ISHHoverBar screenshot


A floating UIToolBar replacement as seen in the iOS10 Maps app, supporting both vertical and horizontal orientation.

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GDPDFView screenshot


Vertical scroll view to display PDF file based on using OHPDFImage

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SwiftyVerticalScrollBar screenshot


A custom scrollbar for a UIScrollView or UIScrollView's subclasses written by Swift.

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Infinite UICollectionView screenshot

Infinite UICollectionView

Now there is no sample source code for vertical and horizontal load more using UICollectionView. So I have build a very basic sample project with UICollectionView with infinite scrolling for both vertical and horizontal.

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SJDataTableView screenshot


It moves vertically and horizontally Table

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VerticallyScrollingStatusView screenshot


A subclass of UIView that shows vertically scrolling status messages. The previous message scrolls up and fades when a new one is set.

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SACollectionViewVerticalScalingFlowLayout screenshot


SACollectionViewVerticalScalingFlowLayout applies scaling up or down effect to appearing or disappearing cells. In addition, animation of UIDynamics applies each cell.

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DKVerticalColorPicker screenshot


DKVerticalColorPicker is a simple iOS color picker presented as a vertical color bar from which the user can pick a color by its hue. Wings on either side of the color bar indicate the currently selected color. A small subclass of UIView, it is useful for simple applications - places where picking saturation, brightness, and alpha don't matter. It is similar in design to the color picker used in SnapChat's photo capture screen.

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