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GLInputPanel screenshot


GLInputPanel is an common control, it usally use in use upload pic , comment article , upload video and so on.

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BmoViewPager screenshot


A ViewPager with NavigationBar component based on UIPageViewController and UICollectionView

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GLViewPagerViewController-Swift screenshot


GLViewPagerViewController for swift

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GLViewPagerController screenshot


an common view pager controller .

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Tabman screenshot


A powerful paging view controller with indicator bar for iOS.

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HFSwipeView - Infinite Scrolling ScrollView screenshot

HFSwipeView - Infinite Scrolling ScrollView

Infinite Swipe View for iOS written in Swift Of course this is a view-based control, you can add it at any type of UIView, even on a cell of UITableView and UICollectionView. - supports infinite circulating swipe view - supports auto-align selected cell on center of the view - supports auto-slide(in circulating mode only) based on given NSTimeInterval, you can use it like banner-style view. - supports magnifying mode(magnifies selected-center cell) - supports auto shrinking UIPageControl at the bottom area of the HFSwipeView

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ViewPager---Swift screenshot


Simple View Pager library for Swift

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TWSlidingView screenshot


create a slide animation on the UIView

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ViewPagerController screenshot


Infinite menu & view paging Controller. written in Swift.

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MMGooglePlayNewsStand screenshot


To Simulate iOS Google Play NewsStand app

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XLPagerTabStrip screenshot


Android PagerTabStrip for iOS.

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HWViewPager screenshot


ViewPager for iOS : UICollectionView Preview part of side.. support full screen.. Auto Fit in "Auto Layout" Easy - Just Configure SectionInset, minimumLineSpacing in CollectionView's FlowLayout

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SHViewPager screenshot


A simple view pager for iOS, which acts similar to android's viewPager. Compatible with iOS 8.0 or later. Supports iPhones and iPads in all interface orientation. ## Advantages * [x] Supports both Swift and Objective-C * [x] Supports all orientations * [x] Supports iPad * [x] Supports Autolayout ## Requirements * Xcode 6+ * iOS 8+ * ARC ## Installation ###Cocoapods *Recommended way* SHViewPager is available through [CocoaPods]( To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile: ``` pod 'SHViewPager', '~> 2.0' ``` Share feedbacks and ideas to improve this project, I would love to hear them out. I would also greatly appreciate if you follow me on [@shabib_hossain](

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ICViewPager screenshot


A tab view that mimics ActionBarSherlock's FragmentsTabsPager and Google Play app's tab management.

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SGViewPager screenshot


A collection of custom container UIViewController's. Including a modern one in swift

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