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SwiftUIGeometryPractice screenshot


Build Watch face, Circle Text using SwiftUI

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Grid screenshot


SwiftUI Grid with custom styles.

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SkeletonUI screenshot


SkeletonUI aims to bring an elegant, declarative syntax to skeleton loading animations. Get rid of loading screens or spinners and start using skeletons to represent final content shapes.

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DuctTape screenshot


📦 KeyPath dynamicMemberLookup based syntax sugar for Swift.

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Prex screenshot


🔁Unidirectional data flow architecture with MVP and Flux combination for Swift

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BSRadioWaves screenshot


Pure Swift open-source internet radio player with Apple Watch support

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SwiftyMessenger screenshot


Swift toolkit for passing messages between iOS apps and extensions.

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Apple Watch loader screenshot

Apple Watch loader

the missing apple watch loader

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Cacher screenshot


Super simple caching solution for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS

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Funky screenshot


Funky is a functional utility library written in Objective-C. It provides a set of extension methods on NSArray, NSDictionary and NSSet for you to help dealing with common operations (usually in a functional way). Also provides a nice concept for dealing with nil values in collections. It's easy to integrate, 100% documented, >96% unit tested, CocoaPods friendly, available on all Apple platforms.

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WatchNote screenshot


⌚️ 🤓 Controlling your Keynote using Apple Watch

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WatchCon screenshot


WatchCon is a tool which enables creating easy connectivity between iOS and WatchOS.

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WatchShaker screenshot


Simple motion detector for ⌚️ (watchOS) shake gesture.

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JDMechanicWatch screenshot


JDMechanicWatch can show time in a MechanicWatch look. Thanks for using.

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Framework screenshot


A template for new Swift iOS / tvOS / watchOS / macOS Framework project ready with travis-ci, cocoapods, Carthage, SwiftPM and a Readme file

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MOOverWatchLoadingView screenshot


Overwatch(blizzard game) loading animation

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watchOS-3-heartrate screenshot


watchOS 3.0 healthkit, heartrate streaming, start workout session, Swift3

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CLTimer screenshot


CLTimer provides you a circular timer to integrate in your ios app with multiple designs and time format options. Intead of writing complicated code with complex calculations you can simply integrate Timer in your app with a single line of code. pod "CLTimer"

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DynamicColor screenshot


Yet another extension to manipulate colors and gradient easily in Swift

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YOChartImageKit for watchOS and screenshot

YOChartImageKit for watchOS and

Chart image framework for watchOS

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watchOS-2-heartrate screenshot


watchOS 2.0 healthkit heartrate streaming

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