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AKAudioOverlap screenshot


November 11, 2020 • MIT License
AKAudioOverlap library is recoding, overlap audio(overlap & export), and save audio.
AKWaveform screenshot


January 27, 2020 • Apache 2.0 License
- This AKWaveform Library solution is a combination of two other libraries. one of SYWaveformPlayer and another is SDDownloadManager. - AKWaveform Library used for multiple audio file download, sa...
WaveLabelDemo screenshot


July 24, 2019 • MIT License
波浪经过文字,文字改变颜色。Waves pass through words, and words change colours.
DSWaveformImage screenshot


March 28, 2019 • MIT License
Generate waveform images from audio files in iOS
BSRadioWaves screenshot


September 13, 2018 • GPL License
Pure Swift open-source internet radio player with Apple Watch support
HeartLoadingView screenshot


April 30, 2018 • MIT License
Beautiful progress loader with wave animation and fully customizable
SpeechRecognizerButton screenshot


March 13, 2018 • MIT License
UIButton subclass with push to talk recording, speech recognition and Siri-style waveform view.
SRFacebookAnimation screenshot


January 10, 2018 • MIT License
Facebook live streaming emoji animation which can be fully customised
Waveform Renderer screenshot

Waveform Renderer

September 19, 2017 • MIT License
Draws the output of audio playing in real time. Lightweight and easy to implement
LKAWaveCircleProgressBar screenshot


September 18, 2017 • MIT License
wave animated circle progress bar
ATAudioWave screenshot


March 05, 2017 • Apache 2.0 License
create wave forms from audio
Wave screenshot


August 11, 2016 • Apache 2.0 License
Simulate wave with swift. You can change wave height , width,direction .etc.
OceanView screenshot


November 11, 2015 • MIT License
OceanView is a demo project representation of the sea. It's written in pure swift.
DGElasticPullToRefresh screenshot


October 29, 2015 • MIT License
Elastic pull to refresh compontent developed in Swift
SAWaveToast screenshot


September 03, 2015 • MIT License
Show text with wave animated background and floating animation.
CKWaveCollectionViewTransition screenshot


August 11, 2015 • MIT License
Cool custom transition between UICollectionView's with wave like animation
BFRadialWaveView screenshot


February 25, 2015 • MIT License
A mesmerizing view with lots of options. It is meant to be used with BFRadialWaveHUD, but you are free to take it :)
BFRadialWaveHUD screenshot


February 25, 2015 • MIT License
A progress HUD using BFRadialWaveView. Huge thanks to github user @kevin-hirsch for making his amazing KVNProgress HUD available under the MIT license! Most of the actual HUD code, as well as AL...
SYWaveformPlayer screenshot


January 26, 2015 • MIT License
Simple waveform audio player using SCWaveformView and AVAudioPlayer Main features: Shows play progress Easily customizable (color, size, etc.) Scrub audio
ZLMusicFlowWaveView screenshot


December 10, 2014 • MIT License
A ZLSinusWaveView subclass inspired by 乐流/MusicFlow