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AKWaveform screenshot


- This AKWaveform Library solution is a combination of two other libraries. one of SYWaveformPlayer and another is SDDownloadManager. - AKWaveform Library used for multiple audio file download, save device storage and convert into a waveform.

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DSWaveformImage screenshot


Generate waveform images from audio files in iOS

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SpeechRecognizerButton screenshot


UIButton subclass with push to talk recording, speech recognition and Siri-style waveform view.

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Waveform Renderer screenshot

Waveform Renderer

Draws the output of audio playing in real time. Lightweight and easy to implement

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SYWaveformPlayer screenshot


Simple waveform audio player using SCWaveformView and AVAudioPlayer Main features: Shows play progress Easily customizable (color, size, etc.) Scrub audio

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FVSoundWaveDemo screenshot


Demo app for FVSoundWaveView. FVSoundWaveView lets you to display discrete wave forms with audio assets.

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SCWaveformView screenshot


A blazing fast customizable waveform view. Extract the audio section of an asset (which can be both video or audio) and display a waveform. Compared to other libs that are found on the web, this one does not do much memory allocations. Only one pass is also done to create the waveform. Main features: - Can show a play progress - Colors are changeable at runtime without reprocessing the asset - Generated waveforms are retrievable - Set the asset, then you are good to go - ARC Pods: pod "SCWaveformView", "1.0.0"

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WaveformView screenshot


An NSView subclass to display the waveform for an audio file, allowing customisability of colors, play/stop control and image generation

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EZAudio screenshot


An iOS and OSX audio framework built upon Core Audio useful for anyone doing real-time, low-latency audio processing and visualizations. It provides a universal API that provide cross-platform access to microphone input, reading and seeking through audio files (including compressed formats), recording, generic playback, and provides audio waveforms views that are CPU and GPU-accelerated. *The Official EZAudio Page:*

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FDWaveformView screenshot


Reads an audio file and displays the waveform.

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JHWaveform screenshot


An NSView subclass that draws a waveform overview. The view provides an optional ruler, grid and allows selection. JHWaveformView is able to graph any float* array, and a subclass, JHAudioPreviewView, attaches to an AVPlayer object and renders an overview of that player's asset, allows you to seek on the asset through the view, and renders the playhead position on the view.

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Waveform Audio Player screenshot

Waveform Audio Player

This is a small cocoa control, which displays the waveform of the actually played audio file. It loads all the AVFoundation.framework supported formats.

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