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CalendarPicker screenshot


iOS DatePicker + function 👍

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WeekdayPicker screenshot


WeekdayPicker is a custom UIDatePicker with weekdays.

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UltraWeekCalendar screenshot


Clean and simple UI calendar control to select day through weeks

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WeekCalender screenshot


Calendar week view

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PGWeekDaySlider screenshot


PGWeekDaySlider is a simple and flexible iOS class for presenting any custom view as selection for week days with swipe control. It includes a variety of options for controlling how your slider appears. User can select multiple days by swiping or taping on it.

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ASCalendar screenshot


A fully customizable calendar control for iOS written in swift with mvvm pattern

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WeekdaysSegmentedControl screenshot


A Custom segmented control to select weekdays for iOS.

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CLWeeklyCalendarView screenshot


Weekly calendar view for iPhone, you can swipe to get more dates in the calendar. It is easy to use, and easy to be customised. You can customise the day of the week start. You can also tell the calendar to scroll to any date you want by just firing the simple delegate function, and all other animation will be handled by the control.

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JTCalendar screenshot


A customizable calendar view for iOS.

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WeekViewDemo screenshot


A simple clone of the day ticker/week view functionality used in Fantastical, using UICollectionView.

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FFCalendar screenshot


Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily Calendars for iOS.

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MELiPadCalendar screenshot


Customizable iPad calendar for displaying tappable schedule data.

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DSLCalendarView screenshot


Simple calendar view for iOS.

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MBCalendarKit screenshot


MBCalendarKit is a calendar control written in UIKit. I've found existing implementations to be inadequate and difficult to work with, so I rolled my own. MBCalendarKit supports iOS 7+, and works with CocoaPods and Swift. This project also contains a set of useful categories on NSCalendar and NSDate, so you can easily do date comparisons and date manipulation. Clone the repo and check out the Categories folder.

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MSCollectionViewCalendarLayout screenshot


MSCollectionViewCalendarLayout is a UICollectionViewLayout subclass for displaying chronological data. It divides its cells into columns of days, with the size of each cell corresponding to its length. MSCollectionViewCalendarLayout is very similar to the "Week" view in the Apple Calendar/iCal app.

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MAWeekView screenshot


A weekly view for viewing events, displays a whole week. Navigation using the arrows on the top of the view or using the swipe gesture.

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