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Wheel-Controller screenshot


September 27, 2020 • Unspecified License
Rotating Wheel Custom Controller (with a hole)
SwiftFortuneWheel screenshot


June 11, 2020 • MIT License
The ultimate spinning wheel that supports dynamic content and rich customization.
iOSLuckyWheel screenshot


March 05, 2019 • MIT License
An iOS Lucky wheel with customizable text and text colors and section colors and very easy to integrate
RouletteWheel screenshot


December 27, 2018 • Apache 2.0 License
A roulette wheel library come up with the following features :- 1) Its have a attractive design like a casino roulette wheel. 2) User have choose one number from the roulette wheel. 3) This is a...
DialScrollLayout screenshot


August 22, 2018 • Unspecified License
DialScrollLayout is collection view with scrolling cells with centering at corner of scrollview like old phone dial
SwiftColorWheel screenshot


July 14, 2018 • MIT License
Delightful color picker wheel for iOS in Swift.
KYWheelTabController screenshot


July 16, 2016 • MIT License
A simple subclass of UITabBarController.
HTTInputDial screenshot


May 06, 2016 • BSD License
HTTInputDial is circular input dial for iPhone apps. It is good for having an easy to use iPod click wheel style interface. It is used in the Unplugged app.
WheelSlider screenshot


November 18, 2015 • MIT License
It provides a user interface for operation by turning the wheel.
JCWheelView screenshot


August 03, 2015 • MIT License
Support rotation and click event, Support replace image.
JSWheelView screenshot


April 09, 2015 • Apache 2.0 License
Wheel Control View
ClickWheel screenshot


March 31, 2015 • MIT License
Drop-In ClickWheel for iOS7+ written in Swift. ClickWheel basically consits of two buttons on top of each other. One is responsible for the dragging while the inner one only responds to clicks. ...
DRColorPicker - #1 Color Picker, Color Wheel and Chooser for iOS screenshot

DRColorPicker - #1 Color Picker, Color Wheel and Chooser for iOS

October 12, 2014 • MIT License
DRColorPicker picker supports all resolutions, orientations and devices. Features: * Manage favorites by saving, moving and deleting * Recent colors are stored * Pick color by hue * Pick c...
AWCollectionViewDialLayout screenshot


March 18, 2014 • MIT License
UICollectionViewLayout for displaying cells in a semi-circle with a nice fish eye effect. Very handy for quickly browsing items with your left thumb without having some of the content hidden beh...
RFLoader screenshot


December 24, 2013 • MIT License
RFLoader provides a loading animation. You can customize the Animated Loader color (Provide a UIColor) and also you can choose from 3 different animations. You can also provide an image name and...
RouletteWheelCollectionView screenshot


March 26, 2013 • Apache 2.0 License
A control that resembles a roulette wheel of cards, implemented with a UICollectionViewFlowLayout subclass. The design is inspired by the Yahoo TimeTraveler app. Development notes: http://c...
WDActivityIndicator screenshot


March 07, 2013 • MIT License
Custom Activity Indicator View with a simple image animation. Use it to substitute the default UIActivityIndicator. Simple and light usage.
Wheel Component screenshot

Wheel Component

December 30, 2012 • GPL License
Wheel Component like the one that apple used in their iAd app
AURosetteView screenshot


June 23, 2012 • MIT License
A good looking, animated share button.
CDPieMenu screenshot


May 01, 2012 • MIT License
Fully and easly customizable rotary wheel control also called pie menu for iPhone and iPad. Very similar to the control in Convertbot. It rotates with inertia/momentum. Drawn using CoreGraphics wit...