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SPPerspective screenshot


Animatable 3D Transform for views like iOS 14 widgets.

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Airpods Battery Monitor Widget  screenshot

Airpods Battery Monitor Widget

Airpods Battery Monitor App for MacOS. it help you to see directly your airpods battery level from the right/left and case battery from the status bar. Mac OS does not provide an easy ability to...

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WidgetKit screenshot


Lightweight iOS framework for creating codeless native apps.

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Notification-Center-Widget screenshot


A notification center widget with shared core data. Example project for sharing data between iOS app extension and container app through shared core data.

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Objective-C_CKCircularDial screenshot


a circular dial for iOS

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CKRadialMenu screenshot


An easy-to-use radial menu featuring snappy animations and easy customization.

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International-Calendar-Widget screenshot


An International Calendar iOS8 widget that shows you the date in different calendars.

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DLWidgetMenu screenshot


Versatile solution for displaying widget menus. Easily adjustable with custom layouts and/or animations.

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MLPAccessoryBadge screenshot


MLPAccessoryBadge is a delightfully customizable UIView subclass that renders text inside a badge, created mainly for use in a UITableViewCell as its accessoryView property. Use it to hint at quant...

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