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WebController screenshot


A simple WKWebView library. You can simply modify the bottom ToolBar. There is a ProgressView so you can see the Load status of WebView. Once you receive your app's schema from DeepLink or UniversalLink on your website, you can open the app.

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SwiftyMercuryReady screenshot


Add a "reader" functionality to a WKWebView

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PSHTMLView screenshot


PSHTMLView is a non scrollable WKWebView wrapper, adapt for using in UITableView and UIScrollView.

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InstagramLogin screenshot


A simple way to authenticate Instagram accounts on iOS. It handles all the Instagram authentication process by showing a custom UIViewController with the login page and returning an access token that can be used to request data from Instagram.

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ABWebView screenshot


A utility control which is using fast WKWebView in replacement of UIWebView which is introduced in iOS8. Just set URL to load and it will do the rest. Very easy to implement. This is very useful when loading 'Terms of Services' OR 'Privacy Policy' web pages.

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WKBridge screenshot


WKScriptMessageHandler greatly simplifies the message handler from javascript running in a webpage. WKScript provides a more efficiently way for both sending and receiving messages through WKScriptMessageHandler

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MarkdownView screenshot


Markdown View for iOS.

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SwiftWebVC screenshot


SwiftWebVC is a simple inline browser for your Swift iOS app.

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CHWebView screenshot


UIWebView & WKWebView Container Base On Object-C

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MarkedView screenshot


The MarkedView is the markdown text viewer

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SwViewCapture screenshot


SwViewCapture is a nice swift screenshots repo. SwViewCapture support capture all content of scrollview and webview.

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WebKit Helper - Otafuku screenshot

WebKit Helper - Otafuku

Otafuku provides utility classes to use WKWebView in Swift and has the following features. - WebViewUIController to handle WKUIDelegate methods by presenting an alert as usual browsers do. - WebViewPropertyObserver to notify WKWebView property value change via a registered closure and Swift enum. With this class, no KVO code is needed to know WKWebView property value change.

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WBWebViewConsole screenshot


In-App debug console for your UIWebView & WKWebView

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