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SecurePropertyStorage screenshot


Helps you define secure storages for your properties using Swift property wrappers.

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ValidatedPropertyKit screenshot


Easily validate your Properties with Property Wrappers 👮

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AudiomackSwiftWrapper screenshot


A wrapper library for Audiomack's API on iOS built in Swift

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SafeBrowsing screenshot


Protect your users against malware and phishing threats using Google Safe Browsing

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ILSCloudKitManager screenshot


ILSCloudKitManager is wrapper for managing apple's CloudKit operations like create, update, fetch and delete records.

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SwiftFlyer screenshot


An API wrapper for bitFlyer that supports all providing API for iOS, OSX.

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AKGADWrapper screenshot


A wrapper for a UIViewController with a GADBannerView at the bottom

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ContactsWrapper screenshot


Contacts wrapper for iOS 9 or upper.

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ALMediaLibrary screenshot


A wrapper around Photos framework. It simplify all the process to retrieve photos from the photo library of the user.

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Chart.js-ObjC-Wrapper screenshot


An Objective-C wrapper around Chart.js which has an interface that can be used for iOS and OSX.

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GTrack screenshot


GTrack is a lightweight Objective-C wrapper around the Google Analytics for iOS SDK with some extra goodies.

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Falcon screenshot


Objective-C API wrapper for Star Wars API:

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DeckBrewWrapper screenshot


DeckBrew Wrapper is an wrapper for Deck Brew, a Magic the Gathering API. It consists of an API wrapper responsible for the network calls (DBAPIWrapper), requests classes (subclasses of the DBReq...

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MagicWrapper screenshot


Magic Wrapper is an Objective-C client/wrapper for M:tgDb, the Magic the Gathering open database project.

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UberKit screenshot


An Objective-C wrapper for the new Uber API. Allows for incredibly simple API calls by passing only your server token. Also handles in-app login to retrieve user profiles quickly and easily.

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AERecord screenshot


Super awesome Core Data wrapper for iOS written in Swift

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SCSQLite screenshot


The SCSQLite is a wrapper of SQLite Objective-C for iPhone and iPad (iOS). (

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SCFacebook 4.1 screenshot

SCFacebook 4.1

The SCFacebook 4.1 is a simple and cleaner to use the api facebook-ios-sdk Objective-C Wrapper ( to perform login, get friends list, information about t...

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MIHCrypto screenshot


OpenSSL is the most powerful SSL and TLS library available which wraps a full cryptographic library. The library is written in pure C and due to its endless size and not-so-well-designed C interfac...

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AFWunderlist screenshot


A Wunderlist API wrapper for Objective-C

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ABImageWrapper screenshot


Image wrapper for temporary and long-term image caching.

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FaceWrapper-iphone screenshot


Wrapper class to detect faces from, you will need an API key and API Secret which you can get in This controller implements a custom object called FWObject wh...

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CoreTextWrapper screenshot


An Objective-C wrapper around Core Text for creating multi-column text and loading custom fonts.

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