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A DSL for writing type-safe HTML, XML and RSS in Swift.

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FlexLib is a framework for creating native iOS applications using a human-readable markup language, similar to Android and .NET development way. The layout is written in xml file based on flexbox model, easy and powerful. Support hot preview, avoid keyboard, iPhoneX adaption and many other features. Trash xib & storyboard, autolayout & masonry now. :)

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AlamofireXmlToObjects screenshot


Fetch a XML feed and parse it into objects

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A lightweight XMLParser for assembling and parsing XML values written for iOS 8+ in Swift 2.

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XML parser for iOS and Mac OS. Converts an XML data to NSDictionary or NSArray. Can parse SOAP responses. Possibility to turn on/off an attributes parsing. Supports XPath expressions.

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JPSymfonyDateConverter screenshot


JPSymfonyDateConverter is a simple Objective-C library who convert a string date from JSON or XML Symfony 2 API to NSString or NSDate with your format choice.

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GONMarkupParser screenshot


Easily build NSAttributedString from XML/HTML like strings for iOS.

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Simple and lightweight XML parser for iOS written in Swift

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VMXMLParser (Swift) screenshot

VMXMLParser (Swift)

VMXMLParser is a NSXMLParser wrapper in Swift Features: 1) Closure based 2) Response as array of dictionaries 3) Unicode support 4) Just two lines and you are done :) SAMPLE CODE: var url:String="" VMXMLParser.initParserWithURLString(url, completionHandler: { (tags, error) -> Void in if(error != nil){ println(error) }else{ println(tags!) } })

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ARObjectCollectionViewController screenshot


UIViewController that can present a JSON NSString, JSON NSData, JSON URL, XML NSData, XML URL, RSS NSData, RSS URL, NSDictionary, NSArray, NSSet, UIImage EXIF Metadata...

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XML-Reader screenshot


XML Reader for OS X that allows you to preview a XML url as well as convert it to JSON format.

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XMLParser screenshot


An easy-to-use XML DOM parser for iOS. Learn more with this article :

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Easy to use automatic XML Parser built on NSXMLParser. Convert XML data into native 'Obj C object' easily.

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A lightweight Objective-C framework for Cocoa Touch to create UIKit view hierarchies in XML.

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