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YangMingShan screenshot


YangMingShan is a collection of iOS UI components that we created while building Yahoo apps.

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Summflower screenshot


A Swift implementation of Summly's sharing control.

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YahooClassicalButton screenshot


Yahoo Classical Button is a cocoa version of yahoo flickr classical button.

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MHYahooParallaxView screenshot


Parallax implementation inspired by Yahoo Weather and News Digest :)

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NSString+EmailAddresses screenshot


An Objective C category to validate and fix common typos in email addresses. Significantly reduces signup issues and lost users in your iOS apps. Fixes misspelled variations for Gmail, Googlemai...

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DZNPhotoPickerController screenshot


A photo search/picker for iOS 7 similar to UIImagePickerControl, using popular providers like 500px, Flickr and many others.

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GIFRefreshControl screenshot


"Twitter music" and "Yahoo! Weather" like pull-to-refresh control created using GIF.

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BTGlassScrollView screenshot


Inspired by Yahoo Weather App, this easy to use view replicates its look and feel.

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Core Background screenshot

Core Background

CoreBackground is a set of Objective-C classes inspired by the iOS Yahoo Weather App. It provides iOS location-based Flickr backgrounds with Gaussian blur light effects for iPhone. As one scroll...

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RSLoadingIndicator screenshot


This project clones the Yahoo weather app's loading indicator with no image at all, everything is drawing using Quartz and everything can be customised. All you needs are importing two files und...

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