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AZCalendar screenshot


AZCalendar is library for IOS that support georgian calendar , Persian calendar , hijri calendar (islamic calendar) , you can convert dates from each calendar to each others simply

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Sambag screenshot


Android Time, Month-Year, and Date pickers implemented in Swift for iOS development

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Calendar Time Selector screenshot

Calendar Time Selector

An Android themed date-time selector. Select date and time with this highly customizable selector. WWCalendarTimeSelector is a component that will make help your users select date or dates intuitiv...

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FFCalendar screenshot


Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily Calendars for iOS.

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DateTools screenshot


Dates and times made easy in Objective-C

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BKDateAndTimePickerView screenshot


iOS Picker made for selecting Date, Time and Year picker.

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NTMonthYearPicker screenshot


NTMonthYearPicker is a simple month / year picker component for use in iOS applications. The standard iOS UIDatePicker component only allows you to specify full dates (i.e. day, month and year),...

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LTHMonthYearPickerView screenshot


Simple to use month & year picker view

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MZDayPicker  screenshot


An iOS day picker to allow users to select date

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UIMonthYearPicker screenshot


UIMonthYearPicker is a UIPickerView subclass that allows you select date from month and year only, no days.

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