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Maplewood, MN
F3Stepper screenshot


February 08, 2013 • BSD License
"Flipping" value stepper, similar to the font size selection controls found in iWorks and elsewhere. Easily wired into existing applications using IB and normal control events. Features customi...
F3PlotStrip screenshot


February 18, 2012 • BSD License
Plotting strip for dynamic data which can also be used as a sparkline. Data may be supplied one value at a time (as when reading sensor or other data) or can be supplied as an NSArray (as when u...
F3Swirly screenshot


January 24, 2012 • BSD License
I needed a control which had visual aspects of both an activity indicator as well as an annunciator. This control satisfies that need by providing, textual, color, and animated feedback. ...
F3BarGauge screenshot


December 20, 2011 • BSD License
Customizable LED/LCD-like bar gauge for iOS.