Taiki Suzuki

@marty-suzuki // Tokyo, Japan

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UILayoutBuilder screenshot


An AutoLayout DSL that intuitive syntax and viewable hierarchy.

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DuctTape screenshot


📦 KeyPath dynamicMemberLookup based syntax sugar for Swift.

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PickerButton screenshot


PickerButton is subclass of UIButton that presents UIPickerView in keyboard.

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SplittableViewKit screenshot


A cell of IndexPath(row: 0, section: 0) in UITableView is automatically moved to left view when device rotated.

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Prex screenshot


🔁Unidirectional data flow architecture with MVP and Flux combination for Swift

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TheAnimation screenshot


Type-safe CAAnimation wrapper. It makes preventing to set wrong type values.

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Continuum screenshot


NotificationCenter based Lightweight UI / AnyObject binder.

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FluxCapacitor screenshot


FluxCapacitor is the Flux design pattern supporting framework. It makes implementing Flux easily with protocols(Storable, Actionable, DispatchValue). The special feature of Flux is "Data in a Flux application flows in a single direction". It makes clearly an application's data flow. FluxCapacitor contains a Github user search sample project which design pattern is Flux.

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ReverseExtension screenshot


UITableView extension that enabled to insert cell from bottom of tableView. Only to use tableView.re.delegate instead of tableView.delegate!!

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NoticeObserveKit screenshot


NoticeObserveKit is type-safe NotificationCenter wrapper that associates notice type with info type.

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HoverConversion screenshot


HoverConversion realized vertical paging with UITableView. UIViewController will be paging when reaching top or bottom of UITableView contentOffset.

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ReuseCellConfigure screenshot


You can configure ReusableCell without casting! let cell = tableView.dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier("LeftIconTableViewCell", classForCell: LeftIconTableViewCell.self) { $0.alphabetLabel.text = alphabet $0.randomBackgoundColor() }

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MartyJunior screenshot


You can change tab contents with swipe gesture on middle of UITableView!!

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URLEmbeddedView screenshot


URLEmbeddedView automatically caches the object that is confirmed the Open Graph Protocol.

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MisterFusion screenshot


MisterFusion makes more easier to use AutoLayout in Swift & Objective-C code.<br/> MisterFusion has <strong>three features</strong>, in comparison with other Swift AutoLayout DSL.<br/> <ol> <li> Constraints to superview is able to be written in less code than other DSL.<br/> ===Example=============================<br/> let view = UIView()<br/> self.view.addLayoutSubview(view, andConstraints:<br/> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;view.Top |+| 10,<br/> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;view.Right |-| 10,<br/> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;view.Left |+| 10,<br/> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;view.Bottom |-| 10<br/> )<br/> \======================================= </li> <li>It enables to use in Objective-C with <strong>"#import \<MisterFusion/MisterFusion-Swift.h\>"</strong>.</li> <li> In addition, it enables to use <strong>"dot chaining"</strong> in Objective-C.<br/> ===Example===============================<br/> UIView *view = [UIView new];<br/> [self.view addLayoutSubview:view andConstraints:@[<br/> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;view.Top.Constant(10.0f),<br/> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;view.Right.Constant(-10.0f),<br/> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;view.Left.Constant(10.0f),<br/> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;view.Bottom.Constant(-10.0f)<br/> ]];<br/> \======================================== </li> </ol>

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SAWaveToast screenshot


Show text with wave animated background and floating animation.

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SAInboxViewController screenshot


UIViewController subclass inspired by "Inbox by google" animated transitioning. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/inbox-by-gmail-new-email-app/id905060486?mt=8

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SABlurImageView screenshot


You can use blur effect and it's animation easily to call only two methods. This is sample video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCXe1jZIZVk

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SAHistoryNavigationViewController screenshot


SAHistoryNavigationViewController realizes iOS task manager like UI in UINavigationContoller. This is sample video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyOim1VEvwY

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SASecretCommandViewController screenshot


You can use secret command with swipe gesture and A, B button. Show a secret mode you want!

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SAParallaxViewControllerSwift screenshot


SAParallaxViewControllerSwift realizes parallax scrolling with blur effect. In addition, it realizes seamless opening transition.

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SACollectionViewVerticalScalingFlowLayout screenshot


SACollectionViewVerticalScalingFlowLayout applies scaling up or down effect to appearing or disappearing cells. In addition, animation of UIDynamics applies each cell.

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MSAlertController screenshot


You can use AlertController in iOS7!! MSAlertController has same feature at UIAlertViewController. In addtion, customize font, font size and font color.

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