MisterFusion for iOS

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MisterFusion makes more easier to use AutoLayout in Swift & Objective-C code.

MisterFusion has three features, in comparison with other Swift AutoLayout DSL.

  1. Constraints to superview is able to be written in less code than other DSL.
    let view = UIView()
    self.view.addLayoutSubview(view, andConstraints:
        view.Top |+| 10,
        view.Right |-| 10,
        view.Left |+| 10,
        view.Bottom |-| 10
  2. It enables to use in Objective-C with "#import <MisterFusion/MisterFusion-Swift.h>".
  3. In addition, it enables to use "dot chaining" in Objective-C.
    UIView *view = [UIView new];
    [self.view addLayoutSubview:view andConstraints:@[

License: MIT

Language: Swift

Platform: iOS